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The List of Re-Issued Kits (see more about each one below): Broom Snowman, Linsey-Woolsey Angel, Treetop Angel, Very Small Angel, Very Small Santas, Very Small Snowman, Primitive Snowman, Set of Angel Ornaments, Primitive Angel, Primitive Santa, Painted Cloth Santa, Painted Cloth Angels (two sizes) in Muslin and Country Colors.

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12" BROOM SNOWMAN This guy is just under a foot tall and is proud enough to be double-breasted. He has a handmade hat, his scarf is a homey flannel denim blue homespun, he has pine green flannel mittens, a stuffed and painted carrot nose, special old-time buttons for eyes, and guess what - a little broom from real broomstraw and a twig. His stuffed wool body is antiqued to soften his look and he stands on his sewn-in wooden base.

Sale price for kit $38 Further reduced to $19 NOW SOLD OUT


Everybody loves this guy who stands by himself (with a sewn-in wooden base), has a wooden carrot nose, holds real twigs and is dressed in colorful homespun jacket, scarf, hat and mittens with old-time buttons for trim. He is heavily antiqued which gives him lots of charm.

Sale price for kit $32 Further reduced to $16 NOW SOLD OUT

Three small versions of my Christmas work are made up into a 5'" stuffed and antiqued snowman, a 5" angel in a homespun weave with painted and antiqued wooden wings and a 6" Santa in red or pine green - the kit has both, so it makes two Santas. All have weighted bottoms so they will stand nicely at attention for the holidays.

Sale price for Very Small Angel kit $28 Further reduced to $14 Add to Cart

Sale price for Very Small Snowman kit $28 NOW SOLD OUT

Sale price for Two Very Small Santas kit $32 Further reduced to $16 NOW SOLD OUT



Very colorful and popular folk-style ornament and for the kit there is a spectacular set of fabrics to make three different ones. Easy to do but still with great detail: needle-sculpted noses and mohair wigs with old-time buttons for trim.

Sale price for Primitive Angel Ornaments kit $32 Further reduced to $16 Add to Cart


My favorite doll still of my cloth dolls is Historical Folk Doll #1, the one with the primitive hands. Keeping her best features - the hands and her hair (of mohair), she gets her name from the wonderful vintage linsey-woolsey fabric that I dress the finished ones in. Since it would be impossible to supply vintage fabric in the kit, another historic fabric, osnaburg, is provided instead, with similar off-white and texture qualities. She gets around by wooden wings that have been painted and antiqued and which are held on by a hemp cord.

Sale price for Primitive Angel Ornaments kit $48 Further reduced to $24 Add to Cart


TREETOP ANGEL With her prim and quiet look, the Basic Doll from the Early American Doll Series has been chosen as the model for this important role in Christmas tradition. She has been specially made to slide onto the top spire of the tree with a cloth covered tube provided in the kit. To match the texture of her body, her wings have been painted and antiqued. She is in all antique white with an old-fashioned rolled style to her mohair wig.

Sale price for Treetop Angel kit $38 Further reduced to $19 NOW SOLD OUT

In my Historical Folk Doll Series there is something so appealing about the humble simplicity and suggestion of age in these dolls that I wanted to combine this with everyone's love of angels. She has simple sewn features and hair, a period outfit and simple wings all heavily antiqued. Charming year round but especially so at Christmas.

Sale price for 11" Primitive Angel kit $32 Further reduced to $16 NOW SOLD OUT

Santas are always popular, so I have two Santa kits. This one is taller and dressed in a fleece-trimmed green robe overdyed for an aged look with an old red scarf. He has a real twig staff and a sack of painted wooden apples to help him fill his mission. His face is stitched and has simple painting on antiqued cotton with a real wool beard. Lots more detail than the 9" Santa below, but still not hard to do.

Sale price for Primitive Santa kit $46 Further reduced to $23 NOW SOLD OUT


This is my original Santa dressed in old red with dark green trim. The style of construction is as simple as it can be with a flat bottom for standing by himself and an easy needle-sculpted nose. Faces are painted and antiqued to look old. He has a real wool beard and holds in his painted mitten hands a natural brush tree with a cinnamon dough star and painted wooden base.

Sale price for Painted Cloth Santa kit $32 Further reduced to $16 Add to Cart

PAINTED CLOTH ANGELS (8" and 5" size)
Painted and antiqued to look old, these angels have needle-sculpted noses and mohair wigs. They are dressed in natural muslin and lace with painted and antiqued wings. Large angel has removable natural brush tree with a cinnamon dough star. She is a good tree-top size, while 5" ones are great decorations or small gifts. Kit for smaller angels has enough for three in different hair colors.

Sale price for 8" Painted Cloth Angel kit $32 Further reduced to $16 Add to Cart

Sale price for (3) 5" Painted Cloth Angels kit $28 Further reduced to $14 SOLD OUT


The original angels above were so popular that they were dressed up in rich country colors. Each angel has three different tiny prints. The 8" size kit has two angels, each different, holding a cinnamon dough heart. Smaller 5" angel kit makes three different angels.

Sale price for (2) 8" Painted Cloth Angels kit $38 Further reduced to $19 Add to Cart
Sale price for (3) 5"Painted Cloth Angels kit $38 Further reduced to $19 Add to Cart


The following items are still in production and not part of the re-issuing above. They may be ordered at any time.

My own improved version of a cinnamon dough to make a "permanent" clay-like dough that when dry is hard and retains its wonderful aroma of cinnamon. The recipe card includes hints and suggestions for you to make your own ornaments, plus a small sample heart. Great accessories for snowmen, Santas and angels.

Cinnamon Dough Recipe Card $5 Add to Cart


Inspired to do an angel for the next century this pattern makes a 15” angel with large quilted wings who holds a quilted star embroidered with the year 2000 - or you could choose other appropriate words or names as the year 2000 slips by - in her demurely crossed arms with quilted fingers,. She has a needle-sculpted nose and an embroidered face with simple kinky hair. Her hair, the special wax medium and techniques to make her look old are included in the pattern.

Pattern #102 (with antiquing medium and hair) $18.00 Add to Cart
(Finished Item Not Available)


Her large wings are quilted and frame her early 1800’s style gown. She has slightly unruly hair. Her banner is embroidered and quilted while her striped toes just peek out from beneath her slip. Pattern includes hair, felting needle, antiquing and cheek pencil.

Pattern #104 - Pattern includes special antiquing medium, cheek pencil, fiber for hair and felting needle for applying hair. $18.00 Add to Cart
(Finished Item Not Available)


Every year I have to meet the challenge of a new angel. This angel was made post September 11 and in style the head and wings are taken from some wonderful old slate gravestones from the 18th Century. She is about 15" tall, but with a molded primitive papier-mache head. She holds a hand-embroidered quilted banner in her hands that proclaims "Remember", appropriate for all of us for that year and all years. Of course she is quite vintage looking with her antique finish. Her color is old mustardy browns.

Kit for Remember Angel $58.00 Add to Cart
Extra Molded Heads $18.00 Add to Cart
(Finished Item Not Available)


THE LINSEY-WOOLSEY SANTA Requests for more Santas inspired this one in my favorite - vintage linsey-woolsey. He stands by himself carrying a handmade basket of birch twigs by my assistant, Kathi, and he holds a sack on his back, a walking stick in the other hand, and on his belt a handknit striped stocking. He is about 12" tall with a needle-sculpted nose on an antiqued cloth body. The overall look is subtle winter whites.

Pattern #103 (with wood base) $18.00 Add to Cart
Finished with Vintage Fabrics $295.00 (Finished Item Not Available)


This painted cloth-faced Santa shows off his quilted and pieced robe on a uniquely constructed body that allows him to stand by himself, through a special technique of weighting his feet. His wonderful presence is created by the layers of clothing and the many fabrics that go into his robe. Easy 4-patch quilt construction is used to create the "fabric" for his robe. A few options are included for accessories as well. This pattern can provide many many looks from vintage country to Victorian by just altering the fabric choices. Included in the Mini Kit are wood soles, bearding, all paints, face stencil, wires for arms, a hard-to-find antiqued belt buckle and instructions for how to make his address book. The pattern only has full instructions and patterns plus the face stencil.

Quilted Santa Mini Kit $32.00 Add to Cart
Quilted Santa Pattern Only $18.00 Add to Cart
(Finished Item Not Available)

KIT FOR ALL THE FABRICS - I have assembled a limited edition of all of the fabrics (about 70) necessary to make this santa in the old browns palette that I used. The 60 squares used to make the 4-patch quilt for his robe are from my own stash of many years and all pre-cut, many overdyed, ready to sew. Except for a few accessories, everything is here, including body fabric, lead feet, leather for his belt, fabrics for shoes, stockings, pants, tunic, sack and cap with floss for the tassel. For other accessories, visit the Just For Santas page. This fabric kit is optional (or you can gather all your own fabrics), but does not include the mini-kit above, so you will need both.

Quilted Santa Fabric Kit $125.00 Add to Cart


This Santa is taught in my three-day retreats. It is not a kit for the faint-of-heart, but nor is it that hard, just lots of details. Includes the original molded face from my own molds, all the paints, body fabric and wooden body pieces and special lead feet so he will stand by himself, bearding wool, several toys (a doll, a pulltoy horse, a Noah's Ark, makings for a feather tree, a set of stacking blocks, a book, a drum, a sheep, a bear, the skates to hang from his belt and a jack-in-the-box), belt makings, buttons, special fabric for shoe making and 30 pages of patterns and instructions that include many styles of clothing so that you can make him traditional, country, Victorian or your choice, plus many other accessories in the way of sacks, packs, stockings, walking sticks, painted cloth scroll lists of names, books and many many hints for details like overdyeing to make ordinary fabrics look good.

Kit $215.00 Add to Cart
Sled Kit $24.00 Add to Cart
Extra Molded Head and Wood base $18.00 Add to Cart
Finished Santas - Please contact me if you are interested in a Santa of this type (beginning at $975 and up depending on the details)
Note: For 2015 will be announcing my opus magnus Santa with every single accessory and two small children on a fenced platform for display. $2575 complete, only 6 available.

If you would like just the 30 pages of patterns and instructions, you can now order these. You will need a molded head & wood base - see above - to make the patterns work. Otherwise, all supplies are up to you.
$24 Add to Cart


PENNY RUG 18" SANTA KIT OR PATTERN - This larger Santa makes a bold statement and the work to get him there is very relaxing hand work if you have ever done or admired the penny rug style. You can start with any old wools (not synthetics, although small amounts of nylon added to the wool content are fine) using light solid colors and small scraps of checks, tweeds and plaids. Their original colors (if not too dark) will be easily taken over by the easy dye process you can do right on your stove with Rit dyes and the recipes included in the instructions.For example, once while teaching, everyone wanted the mustard color of my Santa above and the shop owner had yards of a pastel pink and a pastel blue. I had my doubts, but tried anyhow, and magic! You could no longer tell which were formerly pink and which were baby blue. The work of Penny Rug style is basically an applique of wool pieces using a decorative embroidery stitch to apply the cut wool designs. Wool sews like a dream especially since the dyeing process slightly felts the wool. Pattern (mini-kit) is also available. Kit Info: 18" Santa and all materials, patterns, instructions. You only need stuffing.

•Penny Rug Santa Full Kit - $225 DISCONTINUED AS FULL KITS
(Due to the extra work of dyeing and not enough workers to do it!)

•Penny Rug Santa Mini Kit (has wooden base, bearding, paints, wire armatures) - you supply body fabric (3/4 yd of Kona cotton recommended, wools, stuffing, etc. Instructions have easy dye recipes you can do yourself for all his wool.
Mini Kit $32 Add to Cart
Patterns and Instructions Only. $18 Add to Cart

•Finished Penny Rug Santa $695 (not available at this time)



I have added a section of things "Just for Santas" to my Supplies for Kitmakers. Here you will find most of the supplies, including toys to make and other accessories for Santas in this scale. Or, you may purchase the items necessary to make more than one once you have patterns or kits.
Click here to go to "Just for Santas".



Long ago I began to make small ornaments mostly of painted wood with lots of attention to detail - these are part of my second series having retired the old ones and gone to a more people ornament size of around 3". Santa has old mustard robe and he holds a staff and painted lantern, while on his back is a backpack. The blocks are small versions of stacking wooden blocks that were covered with paper lithographs in the 1800's. All visible sides are papered with prints of my water-colored paintings of old toys. The sheep pulltoy is similar to old German ones with extra tight curly wool and a painted wooden bell on the narrowest of ribbons. The stockings are handknit using the tiniest of needles and embroidery floss as yarn. Two striped combinations available - one earthy, but rich and the other deep jewel tones. Try not to pick - get both as they are great companions. The horse pulltoy is painted wood with a flax tail with an attached saddle. Sage green, mustard and old red. The skates are special for their utter simplicity and charm. Like old-fashioned skates that had to be strapped on, they have wooden soles with linen string ties, while the blades are cast in my own mold in a blackened brass.

Mustard Santa $38 Add to Cart
New Wool Sheep Pulltoy $34 Add to Cart
Stack of Printed Blocks $28 Add to Cart
Stocking Ornament (discontinued - see instructions for knitting your own)
Skates Ornament $32 Add to Cart
Horse Pulltoy with Flax Tail $36 Add to Cart


A real goosefeather tree (9" tall with 10 branches) just made to go with 8" -9" dolls and decorated in scale with a garland of tiny handpainted wooden beads, the tiniest of candles on the branch ends and 9 tiny ornaments plus a star on top and a turned wood base. Perfect for the Early American Doll Series or for Hitty. The tree is made from real goosefeathers made to resemble old-fashioned sparcer-styled Christmas trees. They originated in Europe about 200 years ago and were brought here by early German immigrants. A 3" square picket fence surrounds the tree.

Finished SOLD OUT - This has been revised slightly smaller and sized for Hitty. Click here to go to the tree in Hitty Accessories.

This tree was made to display the ornaments above at shows, but so many requests were made for it to be available, that here it is. It is perfect to display a growing collection of my ornaments and add them as new ones come out or leave just as it is - a simple, elegant statement. The handmade feather tree is of real goosefeathers with a total of 22 branches each decorated with a subtle spring green wood berry. There is a painted wood star on top, strings of wood bead garland (we actually paint all the beads old red) and the wonderful tree base is painted a rich teal. All is displayed on a deep pine green painted wood base with a picket fence which has mustard rails and pickets with old red posts. This is a large and sumptuous feast of color. Height of everything is 28”, base is 12” x 12”.

Finished $495 SOLD OUT