Everything is under 1" tall except the slate and peg wooden, which are under 2". All of these came from other places in my dollmaking, but I use them over and over in lots of settings, so you might too. The pincushion has real pins, the peg wooden doll is jointed wood, the flat iron is cast for me in darkened pewter, the spoolrack has 5 spools wound with colorful thread and a pincushion on top, the cow and sheep pulltoys are painted wood with real wheels and the spool set has 4 stacked and wound spools. Everything is under 1” tall except the slate, strawberry and peg wooden, which are about 2” or less.

Tomato Pincushion $
12.00 Add to Cart
Spool Set $
12.00 Add to Cart
Flat Iron $
15.00 Add to Cart
Blocks $
15.00 Add to Cart
Cow Pulltoy $18.00 Add to Cart
Sheep Pulltoy $18.00 Add to Cart
Slate $24.00 Add to Cart
Spoolrack $
32.00 Add to Cart
Peg Wooden Doll $
58.00 Add to Cart

DOLL'S SEWIES FOR ACCESSORIES: These items come as a very sweet and fun kit for small dolls or items can be ordered finished. Early American ladies spent much time on their needlework which was often kept in their pockets (a pouch that hung from their waists). This is basically a set of the best working miniature brass fancy scissors with a complementary set of patterns for a tiny scissors case, flat tomato pincushion and a strawberry emery. All items are well under an inch and easy to make from your silk (or cotton) scraps. They are nice to hang from doll's apron waist on a silk ribbon.

KIT (includes scissors) $15Add to Cart
Scissors alone $6.95 Add to Cart (Never on sale)

Finished Set of flat pincushion, scissors case with  scissors and emery $42 Add to Cart
Finished Emery $12 Add to Cart
Finished Flat Pincushion $12 Add to Cart
Finished Scissors and Case $18 Add to Cart

SPECIAL EDITION NOAH'S ARK This is a favorite revisited from my old discontinued kits. This pulltoy ark set is very small and is a good sized toy for smaller dolls especially the Early American Series or even Hitty, but could be a good toy for any size doll or Santa. Kit has pulltoy ark with wheels, Noah, and 4 sets of animals on small bases plus complete paints and instructions. A pretty easy kit in spite of scale. Ark is about 2 inches long and animals are less than 1/2" tall.

Kit $38 Add to Cart
Finished Set with book $125Add to Cart
Lithographed Style Noah's Ark and Stack of Blocks Set - This classic toy made in doll scale for use as a display item in doll settings. Pre-cut wooden pieces are first painted then the printed lithograph-inspired pieces are cut out and "wall papered" to the wooden pieces. A stack of wooden blocks has all sides papered with the two-by-two animals that are part of this Biblical story with all that you need except scissors.
$38 Add to Cart

Finished Set $78 Add to Cart
A SMALL JOINTED BEAR - A simple 3" jointed bear to make of wool with a ribbon. (Enough for 2 then use the patterns to make more of your own fabrics) $15.00 Add to Cart

Finished 3" Jointed Wool (with cashmere) Bear $38 Add to Cart

TINY WOODEN CLOTHESPINS - These are my own design old-fashioned wooden clothespins for dolls from the Eary American Series.Only 1/2" long and very sweet. Click here to see one way I used them as wearable advertising for my fabrics at a show. Click for Photo The stained finished ones are set to go and the ones that are unfinished only need tiny tabs cut off and staining.

Package of 6 finished and stained $6.50 Add to Cart
Package of 12 unfinished $4.75 Add to Cart

A Sewing Pocket for a Doll

This small patchwork pocket (2.5" below loop) is complete with its slit access to its interior, has an attached tiny strawberry emery and working brass decorative scissors. A self top loop allows it to be hung from an apron waistband or use as an independent accessory. $48 Add to Cart

Izannah's Own Story - A Doll Size Book to Hold

The Remarkable Dolls of Izannah Walker

There is too much information for a doll tag about Izannah Walker and her remarkable dolls so I made a little hard bound book of this history in a size just right for most Izannah dolls (10" and up) to hold.

$38 Add to Cart

“No, no, my melodies will never die, while nurses sing or babies cry.”

Mother Goose Book - A bound book just right for a doll.

Mother Goose first appeared as a storyteller in France in the late 1600's. Since then Mother Goose has become synonomous with nursery rhymes. The easy kit will make a real cloth bound tiny book with 8 pages containing 15 popular nursery rhymes.
Kit $18 Add to Cart Finished book $38 Add to Cart

Rhymes Included:
Old Mother Goose
Little Bo Peep
Pussy-Cat, Pussy-Cat
Little Boy Blue
Little Jack Horner
Miss Muffet
To Market
There was an Old Woman
Jack and Jill
Humpty Dumpty
Dickery, Dickery Dock
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
Early to Bed
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
A Week of Birthdays

These printed cats are done for me by the yard by Jocelyn Benzaia, a friend and customer. But since I like mine to look as old as a small collection I had but which has now disintegrated due to real age and exposure to light (I used to use them as photo props until they fell apart), I age these two sizes and you would never know they weren't over 100 years old like the originals and stuff them with real wool. These will last for another hundred years as props in your doll setting or use the small size as an accessory to larger dolls (16-18"). Small is 3" tall $24 Add to Cart and Large size is 5" tall $28 Add to Cart.


A real goosefeather tree (8.5" tall with 9 branches) and decorated in scale with a garland of tiny handpainted wooden beads, the tiniest of candles on the branch ends and 8 tiny ornaments plus a star on top and a turned wood base. Perfect for small dolls like Hitty. The tree is made from real goosefeathers made to resemble old-fashioned sparcer-styled Christmas trees. They originated in Europe about 200 years ago and were brought here by early German immigrants.