Replacement Patterns, Paints and Other Items

A common occurance is for patterns and/or instructions to become lost. Or kits were acquired second hand and missing the critical paperwork. We do not "stock" extra printing, but are happy to reprint copies for you, including digging out of archives older kits or patterns to do so. There is a small fee of $1.50 per side with a cap at $18. Includes postage within the US.

Paints drying up is another common problem and we are also happy to replace paints at the rate of $.60 per paint pot but we will need to know the specific kit in order to supply the proper colors.

Additional pieces of fabric, unless they are among the basic fabrics we do keep selling, are nearly impossible to replace for older kits and sometimes not even for newer ones due to the fact that we do not maintain a large fabric inventory and fabrics come and go on the market so rapidly, it would be cost prohibitive to keep stocks for the future.

Click here to send an email with your list of replacement items and we will let you know the cost