Gail Wilson Hitty

HITTY CAMISOLE PATTERN ~ I have made available a free downloadable pattern with instructions for the camisole shown above.All other underwear and dress is in the Hitty Kit, but the camisole is not. This document is in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format which is on most computers. Click on this link to print pattern.

Hitty's Handmade Book (1-3/4" x 2-1/4")

Gail Wilson Hitty
The Peg Wooden in this Picture has been replaced with Hitty's own Peg Wooden
Scroll down for new picture.

Gail Wilson Hitty

Hitty sitting at her Secretary (in her Ladderback Chair) with her Diary

Hitty's Sewing Set (Spoolrack is 1-1/2" tall, Quilt is 2-1/2" square)

Hitty's Sampler (2-1/4" x 2-3/4")

Hitty's Own Peg Wooden Doll (2" tall) and Her  Tiny Bed, Quilt and Chair

Hitty's Nightgown, Nightcap, Cape and winter bonnet

Hittys Country Outfit with Bonnet

Hitty's Two Best Dresses - Left is Pini Over Dress and Right is Drop -Waist Dress

Hitty's Izannah Walker Outfit with Printed 1800's Apron

Hitty's Quaker Outfit and Cap with Straw Bonnet

Hitty's Own Tiny Paper Doll Set
(Comes with wood backed two-sided paper doll, 4 two-sided outfits and a tiny matchbox
for storage with printed label lid).

Hitty's Jane Austen Outfit
(Comes with gown, petticoat, pantalets, bonnet)

Hitty's Wooden Rocking Chair

Hitty's Punch Needle Whale Rug

Hitty's Gardening Set with Pinafore, Straw Hat, Two Baskets and Seed Packages.
NOTE: Dress to match available separately.

Hitty's Pini and Bonnet Set made with hand crocheted Lace.


Shown above are Hitty's Spindle-Back Chairs at her Round Table. Yellow Ware Tea Set
on the table is available separately. Later the set will include Tiny Hitty's High Chair.

Hitty's Decorated Feather Tree and Fence Set shown in front of her Folding Screen.

Hitty's Winter Quilt - Available as a kit and fits Hitty's Bed.

Above and Below is Hitty's Cupboard-Wardrobe
which comes with a set of 6 coathangers.

Hitty's Daguerreotype

The Hitty Tea Party Outfits in New Colors

Hitty's Quilt Frame

Hitty's Printed Cat shown on Bench
Cat is 1.5" tall

Hittys Winter Outfit (4 pieces) shown with her wooden sled

Hitty's Trunk

Hitty in her Annabelle Outfit (5 pieces - Bonnet, Hankie, Overdress, Underdress, Pantalets)

Gail Wilson Hitty Series

The Original Series ~ Much more has been added.

Hitty's Bookcase House
Hitty's House has lift off lid, lift out glass front and interior lighting.