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I have yet to sell anything on Ebay and yet I really do need to unload some extras. I don't live where a real live garage sale would be worth the time, so this will be my cyber garage sale, maybe one of many. This first one is small, just some items I could gather quickly. I will be keeping The Garage Sale page and adding to it, so please check back once in awhile.

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It never seems to fit into my work load to actually pull off uploading a whole bunch of things and then manage to email the List. I believe I only managed it twice. It only seems to work that I am able to add things as they come up and often within hours of uploading something new, someone has spotted it and claimed it. So, coming clean on this, I do manage to put most items here just in time for a sale.


BUNDLES OF FABRICS ~ These are made up from my fabric "library" being given up and sold off in color lots. Bundles will change from time to time as they become available and are made up of leftover fabrics used in my kits and cut up in fat quarters. Sometimes when a nice collection of small prints comes along I buy the collection as a set then sell these bundles. So keep checking from time to time.


6 New small prints in browns. Being in the vintage look business, always on the lookout for good browns in the right scale. $18.00 each Add to Cart


All remaining stock is now half off the Sale prices.

The kits listed right here are an amazing 1/2 off the previous sale price (yes off the sale price!). To read more about each of these kits go to Dolls by Type in the main menu, then choose Holiday/Christmas.
The further reduced sale prices will show up in your cart.

The List of Re-Issued Kits (see more about each one on the Christmas page found in the menu):
Broom Snowman $19 Add to Cart
Linsey-Woolsey Angel $14 Add to Cart
Treetop Angel $19 Add to Cart
Very Small Angel $14 Add to Cart
Two Very Small Santas $16 Add to Cart
Primitive Snowman Further reduced to $16 Add to Cart
Set of Angel Ornaments $16 Add to Cart
Primitive Angel $16 Add to Cart
Primitive Santa $23 Add to Cart
Painted Cloth Santa $16 Add to Cart
8" Painted Cloth Angel in Muslin and Lace $16 Add to Cart
Three 5" Painted Cloth Angels in Muslin and Lace kit $14 Add to Cart
Two 8" Painted Cloth Angels in Country Colors kit $19 Add to Cart
Three 5"Painted Cloth Angels in Country Colors kit $19 Add to Cart

Note: Very Small Snowman Kits now sold out.

The Last of These Finished Cotton Batting Pieces Available (Kits will remain available)

The last few of the Cotton Batting Figures are available while they last. Read more about these by going to the Dolls by Type in the top menu and clicking on Cotton Batting Figures.

Finished SnowMan $78 Add to Cart Three Left
Finished PumpkinMan $78 Add to Cart Two Left


I am no longer going to stock these boxes of rayon ribbons, so all stock is on sale until gone. These are the jewel tones I love and many of you will recognize the ribbon as I use it in much of my packaging for shipping. Plus it makes a great rosette for doll's finishing touches by gathering up a small length. 12 colors each 5 yds in the gift box shown original price was $24.
Ribbon Sets on sale for $18
Add to Cart




Velvets and twill above as follows:
Teal Velvet on top
Gold Velvet (richer than shown pic has a glare)
Olive Velvet
Rust Twill


After selling all the old Pincushion Kits, I still had quite a few yards of the rich colored cotton velvets used in some of the kits.

The rust colored cotton twill is nearly vintage at this point having purchased it almost 25 years ago! Kept saving it for a kit for a boy doll since that is what it was well-suited for - or a coat weight for a doll. Has a light brushed feel and nice drape.

I have not cut these up into smaller chunks in case larger pieces are desired. (For instance, if you want one continuous yard, click "Add to Cart" twice and we will give a continuous yard or more if you click more times for the yardage you want). First come, first served on quantities.

Olive (58" wide) 2 yds available $6 per half-yard Add to Cart
Teal (58" wide) 6-1/2 yds available $6 per half-yard Add to Cart
Gold (1) 7/8 yd piece (44" wide) $8 for the piece SOLD

2 Bags Velvet Mixed Scraps available - all usable sizes up to fat quarter size. $5 SOLD

Rust Cotton Twill (44" wide) 7-1/2 yds available $5 per half-yard Add to Cart

THE STORY: This is a long long story involving getting a new size of the much loved printed cats shown above. A good friend and customer, Jocelyn Benzaia, has been my supplier of the reproduction prints of the cats that I sell finished in a 3" size (shown center front) and the 5" size (shown in the back row). However, in trying to get to an even smaller size for Hitty (1-1/2" tall), I ended up acquiring through a simple mistake in ordering, scores of a 2-1/2" size, which I did not want. So, made up a simple kit to share in the bounty - while they last. The kit has one set of printed parts - front, back and bottom - plus instructions for how to make.

Printed Cat Kit $10 Add to Cart

Limited Number ~ Some still left

Very Very Special Tiny Buttons - This is a one-time offer. I recently came upon a finite amount of the best tiny button ever. It is a tiny 4mm size, but unlike the other very tiny 4mm buttons I have been selling, these are nicely molded with no mold marks and have a nice rim around them. The best part is they are made from a translucent plastic that looks close to the old mother of pearl buttons I took for granted for many years and now are gone. They are appropriate for most sizes of doll from Hitty up to 18". We have overdyed them to an antique white furthering the look of real pearl. They will not be available on my website. Packages of 20 for $9.50 (very expensive, but rare and worth it). Add to Cart