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This next ornament dollĀ is an early Peg Wooden dressed in Regency style. She is based on a photo of an antique doll wearing a wonderful straw bonnet. It was challenging to make a straw bonnet so small, but here she is. Bodies are hand sculpted and jointed wood. The tiny stand is recommended.

#15 2016 Tiny Doll $175 Add to Cart
#15 2016 Tiny Doll Ornament - with hanging loop $175 Add to Cart

Stand ordered with doll $9.50 Add to Cart


This diminutive peg wooden accessory was made for the limited edtion 9" Elizabeth, a doll inspired by the illustrations of Kate Greenaway. After finishing all 25 in the edition, there ended up with one extra of this 3" companion doll. I included the one in a recent sale but so many people wanted her, I decided to make her a permanent addition to the Tiny Doll Collection. She does fits in nicely if you are collecting my other tiny dolls. Her ensemble includes a period dress, slip and pantalets, a lace ruffled straw bonnet tied with silk ribbon and painted pink slippers. $175 Add to Cart
Stand ordered with doll $9.50 Add to Cart


In late March I am planning a new very special club. Several years ago, I took orders for a 13" Izannah with a small wardrobe and a carry case for all. But like a few other projects (notably my large furnished doll house and the Early American Doll Series as first conceived as one whole unit), the old math axiom - the whole is equal to the sum of its parts - did not hold true. With such a limited "staff" it is almost impossible to fit in really large projects. Another large obstacle was finding just the right group of fabrics that "worked" together but were only related in certain ways but were also the right scale and drape. What began to happen as I did start to design all the pieces and collect some of the fabrics, was that with the largess of the internet, more and more study material came my way causing me to expand the number of items to include with this doll. And over time as I painted many many Izannahs in several sizes, I also wanted to improve the doll herself. So this is where I met neverland. I felt I needed to cancel the idea and the several orders people placed - the project was simply too big to do and still make ends meet in between. Yes, there is still that. Then I remembered my clubs. Why not? This makes it work. The idea is I need about 12 people (including the ones I already have) to be part of this club. There will be a 12-13" doll, many outfits typical of those seen on antique Izannahs and including undies, bonnets, cloak, shoes, many accessories and a special cloth covered box or trunk to hold it all. This is still not quite fleshed out, but initial ideas have about 10-12 shipments at about $175 each with an initial deposit held to the end. If you are interested in this wonderful set through a club, please use the link to let me know. No money will be taken yet until you have received more definite information.
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EDITION #3 OF LOUISA LTD ED SET (Edition of 12) - A few still available

Papier Mache Doll 1858 by Gail Wilson
This 9" doll is Louisa and this is her story . . .
“It is 1858 and I have just received my first
store-bought doll.”

No other doll has received so many requests long after two runs have sold out. Recently I came upon enough of the brown fabric hidden in a box to do another edition of 12. All will be same except improvement in body construction and better leather shoes.

Set of dolls $645 Add to Cart
Chairs ordered separately $78 Add to Cart

Louisa's Original Description - A 9” papier mache doll with her Greiner doll (a papier mache doll made in this time period by German immigrant, Ludwig Greiner). These were some of the first American made dolls available commercially. Small Greiner has papier mache head and shoulderplate on a tiny painted cloth body with red stockings and even thumbs on her tiny leather-like hands. Louisa has English mohair wig with hand crocheted snood, hand crocheted lace color and other laces, high buttoned leather shoes.


I have always been drawn to hex quilts and my Hitty customers will know I have included hex quilts in Hitty scale for years. Recently I saw some made in canning jar lids, but not content with that because I wanted more color expression that using my older sewing-pincushion top box idea, that would be just my style. So here is a new pincushion kit, really easy to do with nearly all handwork with the hexes supplied in the kit printed on reusable freezer paper. Pincushions are stuffed with wool (also in the kit) and all is over a foundation of a round paper box, included. The kit comes with one of my favorite color combinations - pink and brown, shown in the second row from top on the left, but you will be inspired for the possibilities using your own scraps. See some I made from my own scraps in the photo below.

Kits $38 Add to Cart
Pattern/Instructions Only - If you want to gather all your own materials this may be for you. $18 (includes freezer paper hexes). Add to Cart


The dolls for this new kit have papier mache heads (all molded from my own originals) with easy to carve wooden limbs and cloth bodies. I think it is a moderately easy kit and the doll is a wonderful not-too-small scale. They will have the traditional blue bands securing limbs to bodies. Kits will include parts for the dolls (head and wood arm leg and foot blanks), body fabric, wool stuffing, necessary paints to make the doll including a new paint to make cheeks easier, plus fabric & notioins for her lace trimmed undies and a special cheek brush for the best cheeks. Patterns for two outfits (one is a simple period dress shown above right, the second is her fancy gown - not shown in picture) are included for you to use with your own choice of fabrics and trims.

Milliners Model Kit $95 Add to Cart
Milliners Model Extra Doll Parts $75 Add to Cart
Option for head to be pre-painted $25 fee Add to Cart
Optional wood stand $18 Add to Cart

NEW CHEEK PAINT AND BRUSH SET - The answer to your prayers for perfect cheeks

Since the beginning of teaching and making kits, how to get the perfect cheeks has always been a challenge. My favorite technique that I still use is with oil paints (alkyds) with a cosmetic brush, but this new paint is as close as you can come to using oils with the benefit of their being water based. The little pot I am supplying in this starter kit will last a long time and do many dolls' cheeks. The set includes the pot to get started of my special mix and another pot of sealer, instructions and tips plus the recipe for making more and best of all, the special brush. $9.95. Add to Cart

CONSULTING ~ I have added consulting as something I do that allows me to share my 42 years of being in business making and teaching a broad range of techniques, mediums and how to engineer how to bring ideas to life. I am also really good at organizing spaces, besides designing patterns & writing instructions, making molds, running workshops. Write to me if you have a project in mind.
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