Gail's Birthday Sale & Announcements
(April 12)

Is now over ~ thanks to all my supporters!

Leftover and Newly Announced Items can be seen on the New Items page or the Garage Sale page.

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In late March I am planning a new very special club. Several years ago, I took orders for a 13" Izannah with a small wardrobe and a carry case for all. But like a few other projects (notably my large furnished doll house and the Early American Doll Series as first conceived as one whole unit), the old math axiom - the whole is equal to the sum of its parts - did not hold true. With such a limited "staff" it is almost impossible to fit in really large projects. Another large obstacle was finding just the right group of fabrics that "worked" together but were only related in certain ways but were also the right scale and drape. What began to happen as I did start to design all the pieces and collect some of the fabrics, was that with the largess of the internet, more and more study material came my way causing me to expand the number of items to include with this doll. And over time as I painted many many Izannahs in several sizes, I also wanted to improve the doll herself. So this is where I met neverland. I felt I needed to cancel the idea and the several orders people placed - the project was simply too big to do and still make ends meet in between. Yes, there is still that. Then I remembered my clubs. Why not? This makes it work. The idea is I need about 12 people (including the ones I already have) to be part of this club. There will be a 12-13" doll, many outfits typical of those seen on antique Izannahs and including undies, bonnets, cloak, shoes, many accessories and a special cloth covered box or trunk to hold it all. This is still not quite fleshed out, but initial ideas have about 10-12 shipments at about $175 each with an initial deposit held to the end. If you are interested in this wonderful set through a club, please use the link to let me know. No money will be taken yet until you have received more definite information.
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PATTERNS BECOMING AVAILABLE IN PDF FORMAT ~ Saves shipping for international customers. Please email me if there is not a PDF link for the pattern you would like. Please note that in the case of the little extras sometimes included with some patterns (for example, a stencil for the face), you would not receive any extras. At this time, Hitty patterns are not available in PDF format.


Phone: 603-835-6551

I have yet to sell anything on Ebay and yet I really do need to unload some extras. I don't live where a real live garage sale would be worth the time, so this will be my cyber garage sale. New items get added as I find them and when many are added I send an email to those who signed up for the Garage Sale List.


Well, to be more accurate, exactly my business. I do not want to retire, but I live in an area where I cannot hire new people having lost 3 out of 5 of my critical staff and am currently losing a few home workers who are aging out. I cannot face moving from this place which we love, which is what it would really take to continue. Instead of slowing down and enjoying my grandchildren I am working harder than ever as I try to do it all. If you are interested, seriously interested, not just curious, or if you know of someone that seems like a perfect fit, you can send me an email (see below) and shortly I will send you my proposal. I had once hoped to turn the production over to my daughter, but doesn't look like it will happen and I doubt I would last long enough to give it to my granddaughter (just 6) even if she were to want it. I would love to continue to design new things and make finished dolls and what I envision is to sell the several hundred products I have made over time in the form of kits and patterns, supplies, etc. There are fabulous opportunities for someone with real desire and drive to bring back old lines, go to shows and get back into selling to shops, publishing in books, etc, etc. Possibly put some former lines of kits into finished only series of quality toys. All of the stock and supplies are so well organized that if a person had a similar space, you could take digital pics of how it is all set up here, pack it in a moving van, put it all back in a similar fashion and be in business. This is not a fully fleshed out idea yet, but I have just begun to take it seriously enough to really talk about it. No one should take this that I am going out of business, just a shift and only maybe. Otherwise I am here, still making dolls, still filled with new ideas.

To email about this business opportunity, please use the email below but put Opportunity in the Subject line.

603-835-6551 (phone) (email)