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This product (Flumo, made in Spain) is the modern equivalent of liquid (and pourable) papier mache. It has some paper pulp in it along with a more modern and more workable polymer base. This material is the best on the market (I feel) and I have gone to great lengths to have it. It must be used in plaster molds. Liter size (a bit more than a quart) - does not need to be shipped separately from rest of order but may require additional shipping. Due to a bulk purchase, I can now offer a lower price of $22.75 instead of the old price of $28.75. Sorry, gallons are no longer offered due to shipping nightmares. Order 4 liters instead and receive a 10% discount.

FLUMO ON SALE FOR LIMITED TIME (shipping rates still apply)
Liter Size Flumo Regular price: $22.75 On sale $18 Add to Cart.
4 Liters with 10% additional discount $65 Add to Cart

SHIPPING RATES FOR FLUMO (domestic shipping only and we add shipping costs when we set up your order here, not on your online order form):
1 Liter = $16.95 A single liter may be shipped with other items (not always), but the minimum shipping rate will be $16.95.
2 Liters = $21.95 Multiple liters must be shipped independently of other items.
3-4 Liters = $24.95 4 liters is the maximum shipped in one box and no other items may be added to the box.


Dollhouse comes apart to 4 pieces (pediment, cupboard, base and stool) plus contains two dolls and over 125 pieces of furniture and sets of accessories on three floors. Has hidden interior lighting on each floor and back wall is covered with fabric in a "wallpaper" print with pegrails on each floor.

Dimensions: 60" high x 38" wide x 18" deep

Scaled for 8-9" dolls

Over all the years it took to do the planning and then the execution, we here completed 20 of these. The final one was to be for my grand daughter and for it I saved all of the over 125 items that filled them along with the pre-cut makings of the 3-part house and stool itself. But time passed, actually got away from me, and now that grand daughter is 12 and outgrowing dolls faster than I could pull off the monumental assembly and painting of the house. Plus, I did manage to build her a smaller 2-level Hitty Cupboard house filled with every item I have made for Hitty with 4 Hittys who live in it.

So I have arrived at the point where if I found someone interested, I would finish the 4 pieces of the house and sell it. Price would be $12,500 complete. A deposit of $2,000 would be required with full balance due on completion. It would be next spring before I could fit into my work. All interior items are finished and safely stored. Dolls would be made to order. Description follows below.

We would be able to deliver it within reason, for an additional fee for mileage within a limited distance beyond that but not beyond the midwest to the west or PA to the south. We did crate a few of them back in the day bound for the West Coast, but this was extremely costly.

Email me if you have serious interest: gailwilsondesigns@gmail.com


The first doll house project began in 1987, when I showed a small setting of things to some customers of my dolls and let it be known I was going to do a whole dollhouse. Little did I realize in my excitement to begin that it would turn out to take nearly ten years to complete with the enormous mission requiring design all the pieces and then figuring out how to make them. If it hadn't been for the belief in my work by some wonderful patrons who placed orders for the first ones, and were willing to wait all that time in spite of my protests of wanting to give back their down payment money, there would never have been a dollhouse at all. Even after working out all of the prototypes and how it all would fit together in feel and color, it would still take 18 months to finish just one at a time and the price was equal to my own first tiny house (with no running water or electricity) and 3 acres back in 1976.

Making dollhouses began as an idea that since I have always spent so much effort on accessories for my dolls, that I should put it all together into a "house". I chose a cupboard style for the house itself so as to be a "frame" around the real work, which is all the individual things. There are over 125 individual pieces and sets including two dolls whose house it is and many of the pieces went on to have other lives in my Early American Doll Series.

Everything that goes into the dollhouse is part of a complete artistic statement where all the items, their colors and textures were thought out in relation to each other. The style of the house and all its contents is in an Early American theme - my favorite period of things. This style was humble and simple, but often not without a little touch of the maker say in a curve where one wasn't needed or using pleasing colors to enhance the piece when it was done. Time has shown just how appealing this is as real antiques of this type are amongst the most sought after and carry some of the highest price tags. As much as possible, everything works - drawers open and so do cupboard doors showing shelves within. Everything may be rearranged, including things on the walls (they are not glued) and the two wall cupboards that have special hangers so that they may change locations. Nothing in the house is purchased except the washtub and even this is carefully treated to remove its shiny newness and then painted. Other things such as the pewter silverware, the baskets and the hand thrown yellow ware pottery were designed by me and carefully executed by other craftsmen friends as is the house itself, for being as large as it is, it requires a real cabinet maker to construct its 2 paneled doors, peaked pediment, base and the stool to sit oneself on in order to play within. It has hidden interior lighting and a storage bin for extra things under the stool's seat (a suggestion from one owner of the first edition). There is a choice of 2 dolls to live in the house with a modest wardrobe.


NOTE FROM GW: Both time and the pandemic have made it ever more difficult to do my work. What this really means is I can only make smaller numbers of things and it takes longer to do the work. I have lost several key workers who cannot be replaced (ever) and all of the work now has to be done by fewer people. Keep in mind we never have had enough time in a day and now it takes true genius to manage all the details. All of us here are aging and with age has come added time away from work to help care for our families and ourselves. I will never compromise the quality or integrity of my work, but I ask your patience in the necessary wait times while we (my tiny team of 2 here and my 3 long distance workers) carry on.

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