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This is a molded head Izannah Walker made from months of study of a real (and quite wonderful) antique Izannah Walker from the collection of my old friend and well-known dollmaker, R John Wright. From the original wax sculpt of her, a metal mold was made from which to heat press layers of cloth in the same manner as Izannah did herself. The first trial metal mold was my learning experience with John and Susan Wright as gracious and patient mentors. The new metal molds are in the process of undergoing the necessary revisions to be able to make dolls with cloth pressed heads. Meanwhile, I have decided to revise my plan and make use of this molded head covered in special cotton knit as an official kit. This is due in part to fill a need for dollmakers to make a nice version of a pretty true Izannah look without having to sculpt a doll by themselves. It will take about one month to make the necessary master molds in order to continue making heads from this design at which point I will kit the head, templates for face detail and hairlines, study materials and all supplies (stuffing extra) to make the complete doll with undies, shoes and stockings (leather, undies fabric, lace and notions included). Patterns will be included for many pieces of clothing, including boys styles (these fabrics not included). Price of the kit is $175 Add to Cart
Extra Head with knit $68 Add to Cart
To have GW cover head with knit and paint for you add $225 for sausage curls Add to Cart or $195 for the wispy style Add to Cart (Note - prices for GW painting do not include the head).
Buy extra of the special fine cotton knit for other knit-over projects Fat quarter (18" x 28") $9.50 Add to Cart

The doll shown below is one made from reproduction print fabrics, a vintage dimity apron, leather shoes and stockings and she comes with her own cat. Her price is $995. Add to Cart (Sorry, this item is never on sale)

NEW PETITE SIZE IZANNAH WALKER SERIES ~ Announcing my 8" sweet sized Izannah series. This size was the event doll I did for this year's UFDC Convention. The doll sitting in the center chair is not available in those details because she is the limited doll I did for this year's UFDC Convention for one of the events, so as is she is sold out. But soon I will change her styling so that one very similar will be available. The boy on the left with his toy horse was also done as a Companion Doll for the UFDC Convention and I do have a few left that may be sold. When those are gone I will make a new edition boy similar. The Izannah on the right in the coatdress is available. More choices will be coming.

Boy Izannah with Horse (includes stand) $395 Add to Cart
Girl in chair (top picture) is sold out but a similar version in new browns (my own fabric designs) can be pre-ordered - comes with stand. $395 (deposit charged only) Add to Cart
Girl in Coatdress and Straw Bonnet with Strawberry and stand $395 Add to Cart
Chair is sold separately. $78 Add to Cart

The two photos above show the doll in a pink version of the dress. She may also be ordered this way with a tiny printed cat and her stand included. Add to Cart

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