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Though the series as a whole which comprised dolls, clothing, small and large accessories including furniture, has been discontinued, the dolls and their clothing have been continued.

and her 3" Doll's Doll

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GIFT SET FOR THE BASIC DOLL - Tucked inside an oval cloth covered and lined box is the Basic Doll and her 3" Doll's Doll plus outfits and a tiny book.

Gift Set with Basic Doll $325 No longer available

THE BASIC DOLL (and her 3" Doll's Doll) - The Early American Doll Series (beginning in the mid-1980's) was based on this "basic doll". It was to begin with a basic doll - a doll that was simple and affordable, but not plain and I wanted her appealing to the heart. Her construction is taken from humble cloth dolls, but she becomes a little more defined with her delicate joints and painted surface, which is another old-time technique. She has a mohair wig and is stuffed with real wool. Her jointed arms and legs are weighted so she will sit well. She comes, and I like her best, in her camisole and pantaloons, but then there is clothing to add and accessories as well. She even has her own doll (which comes with her in the kit). I have tried to make the kits as fool-proof as possible with silkscreened sewing lines, premeasured stuffing amounts and stencils for face detail. Patterns are also included for future bodies or you can order additional silkscreens. Her 3" doll's doll is included in the kit but sold separately if purchased finished.

Kit for the Basic Doll and her 3" Doll's Doll $42 Add to Cart
Extra silk screened bodies for kit $5.75 each Add to Cart

NEW ~ The Basic Doll kit will come with a free Dress and Pinafore Pattern which includes dresses for both the Basic Doll and her 3" Doll's Doll. For all her other clothing and accessories options see chart below

Finished Dolls no longer available.

Outfits for this doll and the Companion Doll below can be seen on the Early American page.

(also will fit the Companion Doll below or my Hannah doll)

Shown below are Outfits for the Basic Doll formerly available as kits, now available as patterns and instructions (you will supply all fabrics and notions). They are as yet only available as is (as if they were part of a kit) and as such are sold at reduced prices. Click on images below to view photos of the outfits.

Click on images below to view photos of the outfits.

Dress and Pinafore
$5 Add to Cart

Best Dress
$5 Add to Cart

Going West Outfit
$5 Add to Cart

Victorian Outfit

$5 Add to Cart

Amish Outfit & 3" Doll & Quilt
$5 Add to Cart

$5 Add to Cart

$5 Add to Cart

Shaker Outfit with Cape
and Straw Bonnet

$5 Add to Cart

Companion Doll Outfit
(will fit Basic Doll)

$5 Add to Cart


~ New ~

A Complete Set of all Nine patterns shown above is now available $24 set

Add to Cart

For more cloth dolls, see Other Items - Oldies but Goodies and Dolls By Type - Holiday/Christmas
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