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A DOLL FOR DISNEY ~ In early 2001, I was asked to do a doll for the Disney movie, "Tuck Everlasting." The doll originally was to have an important role and my mission was to make three of the same doll - the first was to be worn, but as if in the present time of the movie (1820); the second was to be very tattered and look as if she were 100 years old and the last was to be used in a house fire into which Sissy Spacek, playing the mother, runs to rescue the doll because it is so dear to her. When the movie finally came out in fall of 2002, the doll is only a prop on a shelf, but for me it did not really matter because I considered the challenge so great that when I finished with more success than I felt possible, that became my real reward. The real task for me was not just making a rag doll of the times with the qualifications handed to me (only brown for colors and real hair), but to create one which clearly had the stamp of endearing on her and to take my aging techniques into new territory such that it would be hard to really tell that the doll was not old. Her reception at shows proved I was right, for everyone was drawn to her even when they knew nothing of her connection to a movie. Favorite details are her wispy hair, sweet countenance and her worn shoes. Kits and finished dolls no longer available.

Patterns and Instructions are available (includes face stencil) $18 Add to Cart


~ This will make a pair of 10" painted cloth child dolls in a newly worked pattern of a style I am coming to think of as one of the best for a fairly uncomplicated cloth doll with a fully three-dimensional look. Faces are to be outlined with iron-on transfers and hair is a series of templates and brush technique. The charm of this pair of dolls comes from their small size, the added interest of a boy and girl pair and of course the wonderful clothing taken entirely from Kate Greenaway illustrations of the late 1800's. This is a doll you will want to make over and over.

Pattern $18 Add to Cart
Additional Iron-On Faces (10) $1Add to Cart
Finished Set of Kate Greenaways in blue on double stand $595 Add to Cart

I am turning all of the older and discontinued Historical Folk Doll Kits into Patterns, beginning in random order. As I do this, we are making up a small number of kitted sets of each one, so for a limited time, there will be kitted sets at special prices of each of the dolls as they come back to life as patterns. Each kitted set comes with the newly converted patterns or you can order just the patterns without supplies.

Historical Folk Doll with Primitive Hands - Features a 14" doll with primitive hands. The fingers are individual, but not as hard as it would seem if the special technique is followed (uses hemostats - sold on Supplies page) which enables sewers to turn tiny things right side out with ease. Or, a simpler alternative hand pattern is supplied. She has a dyed mohair wig and elaborate clothing with high button shoes. Very much worth the extra work to make her.

New Pattern Only $18 Add to Cart



Historical Folk Dolls ~ Home-Made Raggedy Girl and Boy - This used to be two kits and now both dolls are combined in one set. These 14" dolls represent the many home-made versions of the famous Raggedy Dolls that were made and sold commercially beginning in 1918.

New Pattern Only $18 Add to Cart

NOTE: See the Supplies page for more of the cotton yarn hair and buttons for eyes used in the original GW dolls. (Still available)

Historical Folk Doll ~ Primitive Doll with Hand-stitched Hair - This is a 15" primitive doll originally designed as a class doll exemplifying some of the most important details of primitive cloth dolls. The techniques to make her are ones I have been evolving toward since beginning with cloth dolls many years ago. When the instructions are followed, she will genuinely look old and worn. Her hand-stitched hair and simple face and stitched fingers make her a pleasurable doll to make and her dress, slip, tucked pantaloons and easy shoes are very much what may have been done in the 1800's.

New Instructions & Pattern Only $18 Add to Cart

Historical Folk Doll Flat Bottom Mammy - No collection of American folk dolls would be complete without some Black dolls. This one is a 13" flat-bottomed Mammy-style doll whose ample figure is dressed in old reds. Her cookie jar shape is accomplished with a wooden base supplied in the kit and her exaggerated facial features are embroidered.

Pattern Plus (includes her wooden base) $20 Add to Cart

Finished Doll $175.00 (No longer available)


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