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drawing of blocks

I have yet to sell anything on Ebay and yet I really do need to unload some extras. I don't live where a real live garage sale would be worth the time, so this is my cyber garage sale and I will be adding to it whenever items come up, so please check back once in awhile.

I will no longer offer to maintain a list of people to notify when new things are listed due to time constraints. I will keep the Garage Sale page going and let all know in my occasional email announcements and sales, if I have new things listed. Otherwise, it has worked well to be able to supply bargains and other finds to those who just happen to come here serendipitously.



BUNDLES OF FABRICS ~ These are made up from fabrics chosen for their appropriateness for doll making. Bundles will change from time to time as they become available and will change from time to time so keep checking back to see what is available. Please note that bundles are now located on the DOLLMAKING SUPPLIES tab in the drop down under Basic Dollmaking Fabrics.
Sorry, no new mixed print bundles are available at this time. When things settle down from the pandemic, I do hope to add more. There are some mini bundles still available on the Basic Dollmaking Fabrics page.



The Bear Family on a Bench


and new paints added. These came back from a retired sewer cleaning out. She used to make samples back in the day.

• Basic Bear Kits (have 8 of these) - The complete kit with patterns, instructions and all materials to make two bears in etiher the large size (2 1/2") or the small size (less than 2") with ribbons for bows. $12 Add to Cart

The Bear Family on a Bench (have 3 of these) - The complete kit with patterns, instructions and all materials to make a 2" Father Bear in a buttoned jacket, 1 3/4" Mother Bear in a calico apron and a 1 1/2" Baby Bear in a bib. All sit on a painted wooden bench made with pre-cut wood parts and paint provided. $20 SORRY ALL SOLD


SPECIALS FOR THE MAKERS OF MY KITS - A continuation of a procrastination project to hoe out the many boxes of parts of discontinued kits and their finished versions mostly for cloth dolls. It is daunting to pick through deciding what can be sold or given away or sadly taken to the dump. These are some of much more to come as I get more time. I figure there are those out there who know my work and can make use of partially worked dolls. SEE ITEMS AT RIGHT.

Please note that I will be adding to this list many more in time, hoping for the pre-holiday sale time.

(1) 2 sets of sewn and part stuffed body parts for the PORTRAIT FACED 13" IZANNAH WALKER CLOTH DOLL PATTERN. The hardest part of stuffing is done (by me). Heads and torsos are fully stuffed, as are the hands with fingers sewn and separate thumbs attached. $32 each set for the body parts. If you also want the pattern, click the doll face below to add to your order. It will receive the sale discount for all kits and patterns.SOLD

(2) 2 sets of sewn and stuffed arms and legs only for THE ORIGINAL 15" COLUMBIAN SERIES doll. Cloth for the head and torso included. Fingers and toes are sewn as well. You will need the old kit or a set of patterns to complete the doll. $15 per set of limbs. If you also want the pattern, click the doll below to add to your order. It will receive the sale discount for all kits and patterns. SOLD

(3) Here are 2 complete kitted sets for the 15" Primitive Doll with Hand-Stitched Hair pictured below. I have included in the kits, some of the body parts partially done. The extras include: stuffed body parts with hair all stitched but not faces, completed shoes and stockings. The kits have all else you need with patterns and instructions. One note is that the torsos are marked in an unobstrusive place that won't show that they are samples. Sale price is $38 each. SOLD

(4) HUMPTY DUMPTY AND PINOCCHIO - You can tell from the picture below these were really old kits, but I still think are classic. Here is what I can offer:
• There are 4 Humpty Dumptys that will have instructions and patterns plus sewn and stuffed bodies. You will need fabrics for the clothing. These will be $24 Add to Cart
• There is one Pinocchio that will have instructions and patterns plus a sewn and stuffed body and an outfit in browns. You will need to paint him and assemble. $28 SOLD
• There are 4 sets of finished Pinocchio clothing in browns that will have instructions and patterns and body fabric but you will supply all the rest (stuffing and paints). $18 each Add to Cart


This 8" tall (including wooden base) pincushion is made of hand dyed wools in the penny rug style and stuffed with wool roving which allows pins to glide in. This kit is very easy to do and can be made in an evening with relaxing (and addictive) penny rug hand sewing. Everything is included (stuffing too). All you will need is finish for the wood - this is explained in detail in the kit. Decorative scissors are optional but available. Normally this kit is $54, but until stock is reduced, 30% off. Sale price is $38. See below for decorative scissors.

Heart Pincushion Kit on Sale $38 REDUCED TO $27 Add to Cart

Decorative Scissors Style 1 - Antique style 3.5" scissors same shape and black as in the photo. $15.95 Add to Cart
Decorative Scissors Style 2 - Antique style 3.5" scissors same shape but in antique silver. $6.95 Add to Cart

Tiny Hittys by Gail Wilson
This picture is of the regular dark hair Tiny Hitty - I have one painted with Blonde Hair, but no picture.

3" TINY HITTY IN BLONDE (not as shown in picture)

The picture is of my regular 3" Tiny Hitty with her dark hair, but a customer requested one in blonde and I painted two. Then forgot about the second one. Blonde Tiny Hitty is sold undressed with accompanying patterns to make her 3-piece removable clothing. Tiny Hitty has a jointed wooden body with a molded papier mache head. $175 Add to Cart
NOTE: So many of this blonde Tiny Hitty were ordered right after I posted it, that I am doing a limited number of them and have left the link to buy if you are interested.

If you go to the Hitty tab in the menu to "Hitty Finished Dolls," you can see what a regular size Hitty looks like blonde and also find made up outfits if you wish your blonde Tiny Hitty to have an outfit (that you don't have to make).




SELLING OUT - The pattern by itself will continue to be sold, but I have a limited number of kitted sets, complete with vintage fabric for the dresses that were $52. This pattern was my first official pattern only. It makes a simplistic 11" doll with appliqued fabric hair and an embroidered face. The special medium and techniques to make her look old are included in the kit. Two dress variations are given to make from scraps of vintage fabrics or instructions are given for aging new fabrics.

Limited Kitted Sets with Patterns to make both dolls on sale $38 Add to Cart






These kits are being discontinued and will make a 6" tall two-sided display paperdoll (in picture foreground). This larger version of the doll size paper doll set (3" tall) started out as simply a display model to sell the tiny size while at shows. But everyone wanted it too. It does not come with all of the clothing and packaging of the small set because it is just for display in your dollmaking area or sitting on a shelf of a bookcase. Simple instructions and supplies to assemble this double-sided and wooden backed paper doll with stand. $12.50 sale price Add to Cart

3 Last 6" Finished Display Paperdolls. $18 each Add to Cart



GINNY DOLL PAPERDOLL FOR YOUR DOLLS This set was originally used as an accessory for the 1950's theme doll representing me in first grade (1956) that I did for UFDC and now is made its own item and number 3 in my doll size paperdoll series.The Set comes in a tiny gift box (pictured is the cover of the tiny box) with Ginny made as a front and back paperdoll mounted on a thin wood silhouette with a painted wooden base to stand on her own. Tiny envelopes come with them to hold their three outfits which although are meant to be display items with the clothing left uncut, the outfits will fit if cut out. $24 regular price/ on sale $18 Add to Cart


DICK AND JANE READER - These hand bound books began as accessories to a convention souvenir doll which was a self portrait of me in first grade in 1956, but are now available as stand alone doll accessories and have delightful tiny reproductions inside from actual Dick and Jane series books. Inside pages tell the history of how these books came to be the standard for learning to read for many decades. Size is 1-3/8" x 1-5/8" $24 regular price/ on sale $18 Add to Cart


I thought we had sold all of these months ago. These were garden benches made for my Secret Garden dolls for a UFDC convention. More petit than other of my settle benches, but will seat (2) 9" dolls snugly. Size is 6.5"tall x 6" wide. 2 remaining. Sale Price $22 SOLD


HITTY SIZE IRONS - Hand cast and aged pewter iron that was originally sculpted by GW. Recently I had to reorder these and due to minimum order from the casting company, I have too many for a long time. Usually $15 each, on sale for $12.50 each. Add to Cart

SLATE AND RULER SETS - I have always had little slates for many of my dolls in all sizes. This size was from the Early American Doll Series and is 1.75" wide x 2" tall (still good for Hitty) and comes with a tiny 2" long ruler. Other items in drawing not included. Usually $24, on sale for $20. Add to Cart



These are from my Tiny Doll Series. The dolls have molded heads and molded arms and legs with cloth bodies between, molded painted hair and very sweet old-fashioned outfits and painted high button boots. One set only.

Pair of Dolls are $375 regularly, on sale for $350 as a pair only but sold with stands.
Add to Cart


This doll was still boxed up from being an extra from the UFDC convention where she was featured. She has my signature molded papier mache head on a cloth body with painted shoes. She comes with her tiny printed cat and a wood stand, additions from the limited convention doll. She is on sale for $385. SOLD

Small Printed Cats
Tiny size (1-1/2") on left, small size (2-1/2") on right.



In one of my latest cleaning outs I came across piles of the uncut, unsewn cats from my original source (before I purchased the real antique print from my source and created my own printable copy). So, I no longer have need of these. Simple to make, and at the coming season would be small treasures as gifts. I am only selling the printed cloth blanks with no other supplies (all you need is thread, stuffing, a small piece of cardboard to reinforce the base), but I will include a page of the simple instructions. Here is the special part - selling multiple cats in each of the two sizes.

Tiny Size (not shown in picture, 1-1/2" tall - sized for Hitty) - Sets of 7 cats + instructions $20 Add to Cart

Sorry other size sold out.

Newly kitted set of the two 12" Amish dolls shown. These were part of the Historical Folk Doll Series from the 1980's. Unlike many of the popular cute versions that are everywhere, these dolls are serious and meant to exemplify the expert sewing accomplishments the Amish are known for. In keeping with their traditions, the dolls remain faceless and plain fabrics are used for the clothing. Only 1 left. $38 each.

Amish Doll Family Small

Newly kitted from the originals begun in 1985 part of an old series of small folk dolls. Easy to make. Includes all materials for cloth bodies and all clothing, forms for the felt hats and buttons. Comes with its own bag of stuffing. Sale priced at $22.

Only 1 left

NEWS - This was originally a one-time sale item but has proven to be very popular, so it will remain an item.
This is a long long story involving getting a new size of the much loved printed cats shown here. A good friend and customer, Jocelyn Benzaia, has been my supplier of the reproduction prints of the cats that I sell finished in a 3" size (shown center front) and the 5" size (shown in the back row). However, in trying to get to an even smaller size for Hitty (1-1/2" tall), I ended up acquiring through a simple mistake in ordering, scores of a 2-1/2" size, which I did not want. So, made up a simple kit to share in the bounty
. The kit has one set of printed parts - front, back and bottom - plus instructions for how to make - you supply your own stuffing.

Printed 2.5" Cat Kit $12.75 Add to Cart

For larger sizes of printed cats see Other Items in the main Menu, then choose Animals
For the tiny Hitty size, see Hitty Accessories