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I have yet to sell anything on Ebay and yet I really do need to unload some extras. I don't live where a real live garage sale would be worth the time, so this is my cyber garage sale and I will be adding to it whenever items come up, so please check back once in awhile.

I will no longer offer to maintain a list of people to notify when new things are listed due to time constraints. I will keep the Garage Sale page going and let all know in my occasional email announcements and sales, if I have new things listed. Otherwise, it has worked well to be able to supply bargains and other finds to those who just happen to come here serendipitously.



BUNDLES OF FABRICS ~ These are made up from fabrics chosen for their appropriateness for doll making. Bundles will change from time to time as they become available and will change from time to time so keep checking back to see what is available. Please note that bundles are now located on the DOLLMAKING SUPPLIES tab in the drop down under Basic Dollmaking Fabrics.
Sorry, no new mixed print bundles are available at this time. When things settle down from the pandemic, I do hope to add more. There are some mini bundles still available on the Basic Dollmaking Fabrics page.







A new whimsical and colorful addition to my line of Cotton Batting Ornaments, which include Christmas Children, Pulltoy Sheep, The PumpkinMan, A Snowman, a Witch and a Halloween Cat.

The chick and all of his accessories are made from two styrofoam base pieces covered with hand dyed batting pieces hand dyed here. He has a custom cut wooden beak, egg staff and base. Available finished for a limited time and indefinitely as a kit to make your own. Everything you need is included in this easy to make kit.
Because it is well past the Easter season, I will have some of these kits on sale for a short time. Regular price is $48, on sale for $38.
Complete Kit to make your own Add to Cart

Extra styrofoam forms for chick head and body plus wood beaks to make more $9.50 Add to Cart (not on sale)


I hope to add more Christmas additons late fall - a Santa and an Angel.



This 8" tall (including wooden base) pincushion is made of hand dyed wools in the penny rug style and stuffed with wool roving which allows pins to glide in. This kit is very easy to do and can be made in an evening with relaxing (and addictive) penny rug hand sewing. Everything is included (stuffing too). All you will need is finish for the wood - this is explained in detail in the kit. Decorative scissors are optional but available. Normally this kit is $54, but until stock is reduced, 30% off. Sale price is $38. See below for decorative scissors.

Heart Pincushion Kit on Sale $38 REDUCED TO $27 Add to Cart

Decorative Scissors to go with the Heart Pincushion are available on the Sewies and Pincushions page.


From another project. This is too big in scale for dolls smaller than 12" in my opinion. But when you want a lace trim with a crocheted look, this would be a choice. Originally I used as a border on a flat piece. And the price is very low. 25 yards for $16. Add to Cart (2 available)

SPECIALS FOR THE MAKERS OF MY KITS - A continuation of a procrastination project to hoe out the many boxes of parts of discontinued kits and their finished versions mostly for cloth dolls. It is daunting to pick through deciding what can be sold or given away or sadly taken to the dump. These are some of much more to come as I get more time. I figure there are those out there who know my work and can make use of partially worked dolls. SEE ITEMS AT RIGHT.

Please note that I will be adding to this list many more in time.



HITTY SIZE IRONS - Hand cast and aged pewter iron that was originally sculpted by GW. Recently I had to reorder these and due to minimum order from the casting company, I have too many for a long time. Usually $15 each, on sale for $12.50 each. Add to Cart





Some clearance Printed Cats used to be here but now all cats are located on the Animals page.

Sizes are:
Tiny - 1.5" tall
Small - 2.5" tall
Medium - 3" tall
Large - 5" tall
All sizes above are sold finished with the Tiny and Small sizes also available as kits.