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If I have any good business sense, I got it from my grandmother who managed to run a small jewelry store with military precision for over 50 years (and prosper) in a mill town in Vermont, which saw all other businesses, large and small, come and go with the various times. Her secret was clubs. When I designed the Early American Doll Series (now long discontinued), I had originally figured it as a complete set of things including a doll and all her clothes, furniture and accessories. Then I feared that people couldn't afford it, but it came to me that one of my grandmother's clubs would work. Clubs are presented in an affordable format and is a fun way to collect with a surprise to look forward to each month and in the end you will own a wonderful collection for yourself or for the future. And so my clubs began - this was in 1986 - and over the years I have had many clubs for different doll series and also custom clubs for those who wish to pick and choose what is in their clubs from all the items I design and sell.

Clubs represent a commitment. I get to have your business for a designated number of months (12-16), which I provide for you at at discount, and you commit to those months of payments. It is an unspoken contract. All clubs begin with the first payment being a deposit which is held in good faith until the end when it becomes your last payment. Note that shipping is added to your initial deposit payment since it will become the payment for your last shipment. If you should drop out of the club, you will lose this deposit. If you are continuing on with more clubs, this deposit can move ahead of you to the next club.

HOW IT WORKS ~ Clubs are based on the total value of all the items less the club discount (about 15% for finished clubs and 25% for kit clubs) divided into equal monthly payments. This means some months the payment is worth more than what is received and some months less, but in the end the club member comes out even with a discount on all.

SHIPPING is added to each club for each shipment, but it is kept low. Kit clubs currently have a shipping rate of $9.95 per month except in occasional shipments with say more than one kit being shipped or the package size affecting shipping rates. Finished clubs will vary by item being sent but will be as low as possible (average rate for US is $12.95). Foreign shipping rates are variable depending on weight. but are also kept as low as possible. Note: Due to the rapidly changing world of shipping rates these may change according to increases set by UPS and the USPS.  Rates above current effective Spring 2021.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Credit card charges are best, but arrangements may also be made for paying by check or Paypal. Due to the intense administration time spent in doing clubs, and my limited staff for help, all club charges are processed on the 3rd Thursday of each month. If you wish to pay by check or Paypal, you will need to pay one month ahead, so that we do not spend extra time tracking you down (people often forget).

TIME TO JOIN - Any of the clubs may be joined at any time. We process clubs usually on the 3rd Thursday of each month. The exception is on the newest club where each item is being developed just before sending and due to the complexity of producing brand new ideas, time tables are at best a wild guess.

CLUBS FOR FINISHED THINGS - All the items are finished for you. All dolls in any finished club are hand painted and carved (if wooden) by GW and signed and dated. If you already have Hitty, mine or another Hitty, you can opt out of receiving the doll and begin with the next item. Price adjustments for this will occur at the end of your club.
CLUBS FOR KITS - All the items are in kit form, including the dolls. However, you may choose to have the doll in your kit painted by GW for an additional fee. If you already have Hitty, mine or another Hitty, you can opt out of receiving the doll and begin with the next item. Price adjustments for this will occur at the end of your club.
Custom clubs can be arranged for people who want other than what would normally be the items in a regular club. For instance a Custom Club may be what you want if you already have a number of Hitty items which you don't want to duplicate or you can even add in non-Hitty items.

HERE IS HOW IT WORKS: Pick any 12 (or more) items you want which have a minimum price of $25 each. If you want items that are less than $25, you can combine items to meet that minimum. We add up your items, apply a Custom Club discount of 15% and then divide by the number of months you wish to belong (12 or more), or the size payment you wish to make, to get your monthly payment (minimum payment must be at least $45). If the payment comes out too high, we can add in months of equal payments to get it to your liking. Send us your list. Click here to send an email with your questions or your list of items. We will send an email back to you confirming the payment and details. Join this Club (Clicking here will add this club to your shopping cart, but there will not be a dollar value until you send your list then we will let you know). Call, write or email to discuss your selections.
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