I have always welcomed Layaways and I am positive that many of my dolls and even doll houses would not be in the new homes that they are if Layaway had not always been a possibility. But as the world has gotten more complicated, it has taken its toll on how much administrative time it takes to handle Layaways. Thus the new rules below (in effect as of Nov 26, 2018).

Layaways are best by phone, fax, email or mail, but you can also specify Layaway right on your online order. If you do the latter, the initial non-refundable 20% deposit will be charged to the credit card you supply. Once your deposit has been established, we then determine the monthly payment and get back to you. You always have the option of shortening the time frame we suggest if you are anxious to receive your item(s).

Payments can be up to 6 months for any layaways that include sale items or are $300 or less and up to 12 months for layaways on orders over $300 (and which do not have any sale prices). Further, the monthly payment will be 50% of the deposit OR a minimum of $45 whichever is greater. No layaways will be set up with payments less than $50 (too much admin time for low payments). This might mean your length of layaway will need to be shorter to arrive at payments that are at least $50.

You must commit to regular monthly payments, which are best by scheduled credit card method, but payments by check or Paypal are also acceptable.

Please note that due to limited administrative help, ALL layaway payments will be processed on the 3rd Thursday of each month, unless holidays get in the way. That is the only time I will have my helper here to do this job for me.

Cancelling or failure to make timely payments without consultation* will result
in forfeiture of all payments. Deposits are always non-refundable.

*If difficulties arise, timely discussion is always received cordially and
usually a new plan can be worked out.