Which you should take into consideration when providing your shipping address.


The following rates are used as a guideline as we invoice*. However we reserve the right to charge appropriate rates depending on your order's overall box size, its weight and your location. Due to the ever-changing world of gas prices and that UPS and the USPS keep imposing more layers of complications for shippers, we need to be able to re-calculate rates as needed. Boxes now have the added complication of dimensional weight - we are charged more for a larger box even if it is lightweight (for instance, if you ordered stuffing, normally a lightweight low priced item, we would need to adjust the rates due to the size box required). This is as much frustrating for us as it is for you the customer having to pay high shipping costs. FYI my business strives to break even at the end of any year between what we have had to pay out to ship and what we charged you the customers to be shipped.

Handling fees may be annoying to you the customer, but somehow the web fees for having secure credit card information, plus the printing of the orders, the labels, the boxes, insurance, and packaging and fees to have postal/UPS contracts must all be covered whether for a tiny order or a large order.

*IMPORTANT: As each package is shipped and we see the final shipping value, we will either credit you or debit you for discrepancies in shipping allowing for private insurance and handling to cover packing materials and overhead costs. (Example: For an average $100 domestic package, insurance and handling fees would be about $3.50 added to actual shipping costs).

Rates current as of March 21, 2020
Always call or email if you are unsure.
Please be aware that our shipping rates are studied carefully and are subject to change at any time.
PLEASE NOTE: Our rates include a small handling fee (for boxes, labels, packing materials, etc.) plus insurance fees - see below about insurance.

Items indicated on the website may have surcharges due to excess weight or size or special packaging.

Size/Value of Package
48 States**

Whether your order is small or large, requires the same time and administrative costs to simply set up and process. The very least shipping an order, no matter how small, will be charged is $3.95. There is no other way to say this, but if you are of a mind to complain, I invite you to come work for me briefly so that you may go forth with a better understanding of what it is like to run a small business AND make the things you are selling.

Other very small items (more than 1/4" thick less than 3/4" thick) can be shipped by First Class Mail for $3.95 (if 6 oz or less). This includes needles, buttons, other small notions and a small number of replacement paint pots. From 6 oz - up to 16 oz requires more postage.



$3.95 - $9.95

My Very Small Dolls can usually be shipped for their own special rate.

$0 - $25


$25.01 - $50


$50.01 - $100


$100.01 - $200

$200.01 - $300


$300.01 - $450


$450.01 - $600
Over $600 will be calculated manually according to box size, weight, insurance or other added value.

Oversize and heavy packages no matter the value will also be calculated individually.
Very small packages with higher values may have decreased amounts.

Expedited Shipping
All packages we ship within the US have a 2-3 day delivery window since they go by Priority Mail. If you need a package to go faster (Express), please indicate in a separate email what your needs are and we will try to get your package out to meet your needs.

**Alaska and Hawaii packages need to be calculated individually. Email if you wish to know what your shipping rate will be.

ALASKA/HAWAII and INTERNATIONAL - you may choose your shipping priorities here:
I would like the least expensive way possible no matter how long it takes. Click Here for this option.
Time is important for my package - ship best way considering this. Click Here for this option.

International Rates and How We Charge Your Order
It works best if we complete your order in two charges - one charge for the merchandise plus a base rate for anticipated shipping charge with a second charge for difference on actual shipping and packing rates, so you may find two charges on your credit card statement. This is because we often do not know what the exact shipping total will be until after the box is packed and has been paid for.

It is best to email, fax or call for estimated International Rates. International packages may be shipped by: First Class (no insurance available - your risk/max 4 lbs), Priority (6-10 bus days/insurance), Priority Express (3-5 bus days/insurance), Global Express (1-3 bus days/insurance).
If you choose to ship by a method where USPS insurance is unavailable, we will not be able to cover any losses.

NOTE: In case of international packages not showing up in the expected timing, we have found in nearly every case that an allowance of 30 days must be made due to the ocasional hang up in your country's customs. No replacement will be made on our end before 30 days.

We can weigh your intended order then tell you what the estimated charges will be. Please be patient if you are shipping internationally as the services are extremely complicated and the rules not followed consistently by the postal systems on both ends.