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If you are serious about your work, these are the only scissors to own. Very sharp and cut right to the points.
7" - doll-size general sewing SOLD OUT BUT AVAILABLE ONLINE
4" - embroidery, small detail, clipping, handsewing (one of my own most important tools in dollmaking) New bigger finger holes - easy on/off. I strongly recommend you own two pair - one for fabric, threads, one for snipping patterns. SOLD OUT BUT AVAILABLE ONLINE
5" - craft size - extra heavy duty for hard cutting and cardboard. Love these. SOLD OUT BUT AVAILABLE ONLINE
Ginghers Sewing Supplies Gail Wilson Designs
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Thanks to Kellie newly working for me long distance from New Mexico, I am now selling my choices of Karen Kay Buckley scissors. The tiny green ones I first prized for the close-in accuracey of the tiny points which are sharp right up to the tiny tips, I no longer am selling. Loved them at the start, but over time they just are too wimpy to really cut well except on very delicate stuff. Instead I found myself reaching for the Small All-Purpose and so I have changed what I offer. The blue ones are still wonderful for small doll cutting of clothing or body parts and the purple ones for more normal size cutting. Scissors are light, blades minutely serrated which grip fabric against slipping and the handles are soft and large enough for easy handling. These are great tools to add to your toolbox.

Small 4" green scissors. No longer offering these - instead get the Small All-Purpose Scissors below.
Small All-Purpose Scissors 5" orange handles - I first got these for non-fabric cutting, but find myself using all the time for fine cutting too. I am sorry to admit to being a scissors addict. I also like the good big handles for fast grabbing. $24.75 Add to Cart
Medium 6" blue scissors $27.75 Add to Cart
Large 8"(but not as big seeming as other 8" scissors) purple scissors $29.75 Add to Cart

Ginghers Sewing Supplies Gail Wilson Designs TEENY CLIPPING SCISSORS
Discovered that a pair of these purchased for traveling (due to extreme small size) made clipping off excess knit when using the knit-over (a molded head form) technique where knit butts up to another piece of knit completely changed the difficulty of this task. The teeny tips are less than 1/2" long but very sharp so they can cut inside curves which is near impossible with any other scissors. This enables you to get perfect edges where knit butts together. These are not cheap tools, but fine sewing scissors by a French company known for high quality scissors. Even though they have tiny tips, the finger loops are large and easy on and off. Total length of these is 2.25". Tiny indeed. $18 SOLD OUT
See special knit in the Basic Fabrics section for doing this technique for dolls.
Fray Preventer Sewing Supplies Gail Wilson Designs

For dollmaking (not for things like clothes that will be washed). Paint on raw edges of dolls before turning - allows cutting of very small seam allowances with no tear-out. Good at stress points.
SEWING WITH SILKS - Draw your cutting pattern pieces on flat silk and then paint this on the drawn line, the silk will not fray once cut and viola suddenly sewing with silk is no longer a hassle.

1 oz. jar $3.75 Add to Cart

Frustrated by needing people to measure curved areas, such as the circumference of a doll head or where to place a nose, and that rulers are flat and tape measures are too wide and thick, I printed up tiny paper ones that once laminated are fairly permanent. These started out just for classes, but all the students kept wanting to take them home, so now they are available and come two to a package in case you lose one. They are thin, brightly colored with easy to read numbers, and only 1/8" wide.
$1.00 for 4 Add to Cart
THREAD CUTTER (good for airlines)
If you like to sew while traveling, you must have one of these as you will not be allowed to have scissors on air planes any longer. This is a small cutter whose blade is concealed and inaccessible, except at tiny slots just for thread. It works well and can be worn on a string around your neck for convenience - in fact, it looks like a pendant.We are no longer stocking these since they seem to be readily available in sewing supply catalogs and notions areas of chain stores.
For years I passed this one by. But one day I tried one and now I wouldn't be without it for dollmaking at the sewing machine. What it does is guide gathers or easing through and under the presser foot with ease - also great to get lace and other things just started. I used to use the tips of my 4" Ginghers, but this is so much better. We make these ourselves (as the commercial ones are so expensive), using a very strong needle point fixed into a turned and stained wooden handle with a linen string loop to hang.
$8.50 Add to Cart

These tiny irons are good for three things in dollmaking. One is to take along to classes or locations where using a large wattage iron is impractical, two is for getting into small places like gathers and for opening seam allowances, and the third is a new way to transfer doll faces and embroidery lines using photocopy, ink jet or laser printout. Comes with instructions for doing this. Can even be done on most painted cloth surfaces as well. $25.00 SOLD OUT AND NO LONGER CARRYING - THIS ITEM COMMONLY AVAILABLE AT CRAFT SUPPLIERS

This does everything of the smaller iron, but is hotter (can do more stuff not done well by lower temps of smaller iron) and has detachable heads for different purposes. What I have discovered is that this one will iron on the iron-on faces better if you acquire the special ball head. The reason is the flat head skims over the stuffed surface on the doll leaving blanks and sometimes not transferring at all if doll is understuffed. Using the ball head means it presses in and does a wonderful job of transferring all the time. Comes with regular head. Sorry to add one more thing to the list of necessaries, but this one is worth it. SOLD OUT AND NO LONGER CARRYING - THIS ITEM COMMONLY AVAILABLE AT CRAFT SUPPLIERS
Ball Head Attachment SOLD OUT

I got these tiny irons based on a friend's recommendation and have been hooked ever since. They fit nicely in the palm of your hand at just 5" tall and they have steam. What I like is the obvious smallness for doll sewing (or quilting) and the fact that they are as hot as a "real" iron (which many previous travel irons were not), BUT, and this is big, they only use about 400 watts as opposed to a big iron at 1200-1800. If you like to leave your iron on for long stretches, this won't break the electric bank and it holds steam for an amazing amount of time considering its small tank. This has been my go-to iron even when I should be using my people sized iron. SOLD OUT SOLD OUT BUT AVAILABLE ONLINE - LOOK FOR STEAMFAST

Small Iron

NOTE - I have discontinued selling regular size irons professional model Rowenta irons, which I sold because they were the only game in town if you wanted a high quality (and hot) iron back in the day, but then the market caught on and many manufacturers have upgraded irons to Rowenta standards so you can find much cheaper and still excellent irons by most other companies for under $50. Because of this, I cannot compete with the prices at discount places where similar irons now abound.

I always spend time in all my classes emphasizing that good work is easy if you can see well enough. Most people can’t. These magnifiers can be worn with or without glasses and allow you to see over the tops as you work. They fit comfortably on your forehead and can be adjusted up or down or out of the way. They come with two lenses 1.5x
and 2x magnification.


Being able to see is as important as your sewing machine. I found these lights that are just like Ott lights but not as costly. They are wonderful for taking with you to classes or to take from room to room or just to have for regular work. You can get it up close and the light quality is perfect. These are the same 13 watt types that fold down for portability and provide light that is as close to natural as possible.
Since I promote the use of spray starch dyes and my own wax antiquing, I feel that you should know about cleaners for the bottom of your iron. Most of the above things will not do anything harmful to your iron, but there can be build up. Apply to an old wash cloth, run your hot iron over it and it does a wonderful job of cleaning.
STEAM-A-SEAM ~ A new double stick fusible web. Has a temporary stick on both sides without ironing and is re-positionable, then bonds permanently when ironed. Not as likely to bleed through cloth and great for covered boxes or doll bonnets. 5 sheets 9" x 12". $5.00 No longer selling this product but you can find it online.
PROPORTIONAL SCALE ~ I began using one of these when I had real jobs (in another much younger life) as a graphic artist. But since I still use them all the time, you might like to have one too. They useful for re-sizing pictures and patterns (both doll and quilt). Example ~ Say you have a doll pattern that makes a doll 17" tall, but you want it to be 11" - this will tell you the percent to reduce to. Or, let's say you have a picture that is 2" x 3-1/2" and you want to know if you make it 4-1/4" wide, how long the length will be. Or, I have a doll chair that is all in the right proportion but too big, and the only thing I really know is how tall the back of the chair should be. I can then use this to find out the measurements of all the other pieces in the new smaller size. $6.00 SOLD OUT AND BEING DISCONTINUED

BODKIN FOR TURNING MOST ANYTHING RS OUT ~ Long before turning tubes, there were bodkins. This is a long smooth metal bar with a large eye at one end. Slip the eye up inside the narrowest of tubes and then with a regular needle and thread, sew through the cloth that you want to turn RS out, going through the eye of the bodkin. Pull the bodkin out and it will pull with it the far end that you temporarily tacked to it. Easy and efficient. GW illustrated instructions come with it. $3.50

SOLD OUT AND BEING DISCONTINUED (usually found at places like JoAnn Fabrics).

Beeswax Sewing Supplies Gail Wilson Designs BEESWAX
A must for handsewing to keep thread from getting tangled and knotted. You've probably heard this, but you should believe it. Run your thread through it for all handwork and it will be almost trouble-free. $2.50 Add to Cart
Quilting Thread Handsewing Dolls Gail Wilson Designs HANDSEWING THREAD FOR DOLLS
This thread is refreshing to use on such things as attaching doll limbs or quilting small doll fingers or any other handsewing where you need some strength. Although there are many colors made by this company (YLI), I am now only selling one color - tan - being a good match for my doll body fabric and where you would want strength. It comes on wooden spools with 400 yards and is 100% cotton. It will not twist and knot like all other threads and it is almost as strong as button and carpet thread - just a pleasure to use. $6.50 each. Note on my Garage Sale page are some remaining stock of other colors I used to stock on sale.


Lace Making Dolls Gail Wilson Designs

THREAD FOR LACE MAKING (scroll down for lacemaking kit/instructions) ~ This is the thread we use for my hand crocheted or needle made lace. All cotton, Mettler thread, color 781 which is a perfect aged-looking white.
Regular size 150 meters. $2.35 Add to Cart Large size 500 meters. $5.90 Add to Cart

Again these pins were discontinued, but through diligent searching I found a new source. The new source did not provide the nice little tin box, but I got my own tin boxes and put on my own label.
These pins are so nice, I give dire threats to anyone caught using them. Made by the Japanese who are the masters of fine sewing needles and pins along with fabric. These are particularly nice glass headed pins, but unlike so many others, just melt into the fabric. With delicate small glass heads that can take a hot iron. 100 pins .4mm x 1.36 mm.
$12.50 Add to Cart

OTHER PINS I APPROVE OF: May I recommend if you have a higgledy piggledy pin cushion with odds and ends of assorted pins in your pincushion, start over with only pins you love. Little details make life more pleasurable.

Sometimes in doll work, normal pins just stick out too far, especially when pinning around a small curve. These won't in their diminuative 3/4" long size. However, I do recommend a separate pincushion or box for these so as to not frustrate you when grabbing a pin thinking you are getting a normal length one. They do not have nice glass heads, but they are very fine, smooth pins with old-fashioned regular heads which always can be sewn over easier and ironed without issue. Tin of 350. $10.95 Add to Cart

These pins were introduced to me by a fabric and quilting guru, Jan Norris of Delectable Mountain Quilts from Brattleboro, VT, back in about 1980 or so. Still the best all round sewing pin with old fashioned regular heads. They are really the best pins of all but do not have my acquired preference for glass heads. However a big tin of these will last you at least 30 years and I know this because some of my long time sewers are still using the tin I gave them that long ago. 500 pins $12.00 Add to Cart

Small Leather Needles Dollmaking Gail Wilson Designs LEATHER NEEDLES
The smallest hand sewing size - like fine handsewing needles, but with a three-sided point in the ends so they "cut" right through the leather making hand sewing of doll shoes easy. 4 needles on a card.
$2.95 Add to Cart
These are large needles that have sharp wedgelike points and are strong enough to use as small "pry bars" to resolve hollow places and minor lumps in stuffing. They are inserted through the outer fabric, angled down into the stuffing below and used to lift stuffing up into the undesired cavity. Also can be used to slide stuffing along just under the surface. This is most helpful for areas discovered after the doll is stuffed, particularly in the head area or even for moving stuffing down to tips of toes or fingers. 3 on a card strung with ribbon loops so you will be less likely to lose them in your pincushion. $4.50 Add to Cart
This is a package of my favorite needles for all purposes due to requests from people in my classes. They are ones that are largely hard to find, especially in a good quality. Other than that, there is nothing special except they are the ones I use for everything and I put them all together in a package with notes about their uses. Now with two more needles added including a leather needle. A package of 14 in 8 specific sizes.
$7.95 Add to Cart
Felting Needles Dollmaking Supplies Gail Wilson Designs FELTING NEEDLES
These needles which have been used in industry for a long time can also be used in dollmaking. They are three-sided needles that have tiny barbs in them that pull fibers with them and leave them behind when the needle is removed, so that an in and out movement with the needle, felts or wefts fibers together. They can be used to attach fiber hair to cloth dolls' heads without sewing or gluing, and although this is not totally secure for playworthiness, it is fine for most "just to be looked at dolls". I also use them a lot for just securing the hairdoes themselves, not to the scalp but just to pull the hair into line or tidy up places that have become messy, especially with roving hair. Four needles come with a small instruction sheet.
$5.75 Add to Cart

This is the punch needle I arrived at to supply for the punch needle kits I am doing (right now there is only one in the Hitty Series) which use 3 strands of floss. If you already have a needle that will punch 3 strands, you do not need this and in general there are many punch needles out there and most craft supplies have them - many are better than this one, but I chose this one for being easy, available and very inexpensive and I actually do like it, especially for the easy gauge positioning. $12.50 Add to Cart

This hoop has the lip made so once you have your fabric locked in and pulled tight, it will stay nice and taut for working on your small punch needle kits. $3.50 Add to Cart


Doll Buttons  Dollmaking Supplies Gail Wilson Designs


Doll Buttons  Dollmaking Supplies Gail Wilson Designs

Doll Buttons  Dollmaking Supplies Gail Wilson Designs



SMALL BUTTONS - 3/16" Diameter
As with so many many items, doll buttons I used to buy by the bagful and dye them for my colors, putting them in kits and selling as dollmaking supplies, have now become hard to get and can only be purchased in tiny quantities making reselling them (or putting them in kits) prohibitive. Fortunately, I have found a replacement that is actually nicer than the old ones and a tiny bit smaller making them a true 3/16" in diameter, 2-hole button. These are very smooth and slightly domed. Sold in bags of 20, $7.50 each.

White Add to Cart
Black Add to Cart
Cream Add to Cart
Lt Brown Add to Cart
Dark Brown Add to Cart

VERY BEST EXTRA SMALL BUTTONS (These are hard to tell that they are not real pearl buttons ) - 1/8" Diameter
These were the best find for buttons that look right on even very small dolls. These come white and we also dye some to look old - slightly off-white - and truly look like mother of pearl with a tiny rim on the up side. A tiny bit smaller than the Small Buttons above but flatter which makes them appear smaller still. Dyeable with Rit dyes. Bags of 20. $9.75 White Add to Cart Antique Off-white Add to Cart

LARGER OLD-FASHIONED RIMMED 4-HOLE - 3/8" diameter (20 per pkg)
Tan $4.50 Add to Cart
Dark Brown $4.50 Add to Cart (Used for 14" Raggedy Eyes)

I use these small black beads for shoe buttons. These are real glass vintage round beads.Can also be used for animal eyes or trim on doll clothes.
3 MM Bag of 20 $3.00 Add to Cart
4 MM Bag of 20 $4.00 Add to Cart
5 MM Bag of 20 $4.75 Add to Cart

Stylus tools have many uses, from ceramics and sculpting to burnishing surfaces and in printing for embossing. I have always had them around my workshop since they have so many uses, but the one that is very helpful in dollmaking and which is little known, is using the ball tip to pull thread loops or tiny buttonholes over tiny buttons. Once you have one, you will find other uses as well.
Single stylus in smallest size $3.95 Add to Cart
Set of 5 assorted sizes $15.95 Add to Cart


Ribbons  Dollmaking SuppliesGail Wilson Designs







battenburg tape

The need for this item keeps coming up with my dolls 12" and larger. I began by using vintage ribbon and overdyeing it to suit each doll, but vintage ribbon is very costly, if it can be found. Here is a good 3/8 inch wide ribbon that because it is rayon, it dyes easily. It comes off-white and is $6.50 for 3 yards. Add to Cart

DYEABLE SILK RIBBON ~ These three widths of ribbon are barely off-white and intended to be easily dyed to the color of your choice. See below to order easy dye recipes and instructions.
NARROW (about 1/12 inch wide) $3.75 per 5 yards Add to Cart
MED (about 1/8 inch wide) $3.95 per 5 yards Add to Cart
WIDE (about 1/4 inch wide) $4.75 per 5 yards Add to Cart

ALL PURPOSE BROWN SILK RIBBON ~ This ribbon is used for many jobs such as doll shoe laces, drawstrings for snoods, etc. 1/8" wide. 5 yards $3.75 Add to Cart

NARROW COTTON TAPE - Use this tape for all manner of ties for dollmaking. Waistband ties and hidden ties for swooped up gowns, plus embroider on it for doll trim. 5 yards $3.95. About 1/8" wide.

Off White
- Add to Cart
White - Add to Cart

BATTENBURG TAPE - Not really a lace or a tape. Makes a nice trim for my Pincushion Doll or Izannah Walker's dress. Off-white and dyeable. 1/4" wide. NOT AVAILABLE ANY MORE - LOOKING FOR MORE. You can make-do by embroidering on cotton tape sold above.

DYE - Rit Tan
This was my go-to dye to get the tea or coffee dyed look. I learned early on that this worked as well as tea or coffee which required vast amounts of tea bags (or coffee) for the amount I needed, plus irregular results. But no longer selling it though it can still be found in stores. My paint overdye is far more preferable to Rit although I still use the Tan color in Rit in various of my dye recipes.
This is a product that I worked on for years. Its use is limited to unpainted dolls or fabrics that can be ironed. Comes with detailed instructions to "antique" dolls to really look vintage - not just tea-dyed. Package comes with a small tin of the wax medium and, sandpaper and powdered dye to overdye, all that's needed, except spray starch, to do a realistic job. $6.50 Add to Cart
NEW ~ Large size tins now available. This is just the antiquing wax in a 2.5 " tin, no instructions, sandpaper or powdered overdye included. $12.00 Add to Cart

Adds age by "tanning" up
the color.
The very best and easiest way to get the old look for fabrics (silks too) and laces, especially whites and too-brights. Easier than stovetop methods but must be used only on flat fabrics and laces. Complete instructions included for using this. Makes new print fabrics look old, makes whites and laces look vintage. Mixes with water, reusable and dries quickly. Overdyed samples included. PLEASE READ NOTES BELOW FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION.
2oz. jar $7.50 Add to Cart
8 oz. jar $10.25 Add to Cart


I have been finding the need for an overdye that gives a more yellowed look - just the kind that old whites and old laces get. Presenting this new formula.

NOTES ~ To distinguish between the Original and Yellowing (I recommend you have some of each since it is not always a given which one you will like the best in any situation), the original formula (above) should be thought of as giving the aged and dirty look and for toning down that too bright look of many prints and fabrics, and the new formula for when a more aged, but yellowed look is desired. I found the yellowing formula best on laces and some whites. An example of how fickle dyeing is, I use my Original recipe on most fabrics and my regular fine batiste, but for the extra fine batiste I find the Yellowing works best. Most times we need Yellowing on laces used but Original on the batiste even if they are going together. This is why I recommend having both recipes on hand. Experiment on small pieces.
2oz. jar $7.50 Add to Cart
8 oz. jar $10.25 Add to Cart

New Overdye
for Doll Bodies
When my 30+ years of always using one tried and true cotton body fabric which came in just the right tan was discontinued I first needed to stop wailing and tearing out my hair and figure out what next. Not wanting to switch fabrics, it remained to order the same fabric in an unacceptable light color and then work out a paint overdye color to make my own good color for that vintage and much handled look everyone loves on old cloth dolls. This new color can be used on any light cotton and unlike factory dyed fabric, does help to add to the true age as any hand dyed fiber does, which are the good things out of the bad. We also have used this as a darker overdye on some fabrics needed a darker cast.
2oz. jar $7.50 Add to Cart
8 oz. jar $10.25 Add to Cart

Dyeing Overdyeing Gail Wilson DesignsDyeing Overdyeing Gail Wilson Designs

See Above under Dollmaking Fabrics for Dyeable Silks and Other Suggestions

Recipes for a complete palette of the GW dye colors using commonly available Rit Dyes. Each color in the color palette has three recipes. If used full strength, the darker version of the color is produced, used in lesser strength produces a pastel of the same color and with the addition of specified amounts of gray, you get a muted, dustier color. I swears by all of these colors (taken from Colonial palettes) and finds that you can get just about any combination that is needed to suit anyone's fancy or that of a demanding doll. These dye colors are easy to use Rit dyes and just take a few minutes on the stovetop. Primarily they work best for dyeing silks (sold above) and wools but also cottons (cotton is harder to achieve optimum results).

DYE RECIPES - Includes all recipes for dyes above plus deep colors for wools used in Penny Rug designs or other Santa accessories. $4.50 Add to Cart











NARROW LACE BY THE YARD ~ Narrow lace is hardest of all to find in good quality. This is the the best in narrow imported cotton lace with the smallest repeat - besides narrow width, the repeat must be as small as possible too. All laces I sell will age well with my paint overdyes, a simple process that takes minutes.

Now offering two styles due to significant price increase on our standard lace by the yard. Both are narrow but one is less expensive and the other more delicate in design, but both work on small dolls or wherever you need a narrow lace.
Style 1 (see below) $2.80 Add to Cart
Style 2 (see below) $3.80 Add to Cart

Top photo is of Styles 1 and 2 (slightly less than 3/8" wide) shown as they come.
Style 1 lace (top)
Style 2 lace (bottom)

Bottom photo shows same white laces after GW paint overdye to age - note how they both decrease a bit in width from 3/8" wide to 5/16" wide.
Style 1 lace (top)
Style 2 lace (bottom)

BATTENBURG TAPE ~ Unavailable at this time. You can make-do by embroidering on cotton tape - sold above. Or substitute narrow insertion lace No. 7 below which shrinks when paint overdyed to age it to about 1/4" wide (plus makes pattern denser and more desirable).


LACE-MAKING KIT ~ A tiny kit to do a big and easy job. Lace that is appropriate for small dolls (and big dolls) is hard to find. I long ago used up all the vintage lace I had collected and then I was faced with "now what?" Sometimes commercial lace just does not have the look and as small as it comes, it is still too big for some small dolls. This is an easy way to make lace with just a needle and cotton thread with one easy stitch. Directions, needle, thread (in just the right color for antique look) plus a practice fabric piece so you can start right in. $3.75 Add to Cart


THREAD FOR LACE MAKING ~ This is the thread we use for my hand crocheted or needle made lace. All cotton, Mettler thread, color #0537 (old #781) which is a perfect aged-looking white.
Regular size 150 meters. $2.35 Add to CartLarge size 500 meters. $5.90 Add to Cart





A premium grade thin and very soft glove leather almost impossible to find. Two pieces (4" x 7") included. Will make 2 pair of smaller shoes (my Columbian) or one pair of larger shoes (my Izannah Walker Boy). Make sure to have the fine hand sewing leather needles above to sew with.
Brown $6.75 Add to Cart

Lots of big enough irregular-shaped pieces for all kinds of doll shoemaking. Equivalent to more than twice of the above square cut pieces. Brown.
$6.00 Add to Cart

I use these small black beads for shoe buttons. These are real glass vintage round beads.
3 MM Bag of 20 $3.00 Add to Cart
4 MM Bag of 20 $4.00 Add to Cart

The smallest hand sewing size - like fine handsewing needles, but with a three-sided point in the ends so they "cut" right through the leather making hand sewing of doll shoes easy. 4 needles on a card.
$2.25 Add to Cart