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Hitty's Daguerreotype

This Hitty size Daguerreotype is an interpretation of Dorothy Lathrop's painting of a daguerreotype that might have been made for Hitty and appears as one of the illustrations in the book by Rachel Fields. My version is made from layers of wooden pieces framing a print of a tiny GW painting of Hitty.
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• Finished $72 Add to Cart
Hitty's Wooden Sled

An old-fashioned Hitty-size wooden sled with seat perfect for displaying Hitty in a winter scene.
• Kit $58 Add to Cart
• Finished $78 Add to Cart
Hitty's Quilt Frame and Tiny Quilt

Hitty can work on her tiny foundation-pieced quilt on its hooped tilting stand. Another spot of color for Hitty displays.
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• Finished $78 Add to Cart
Hitty's Sewing Pocket, Strawberry and Sewing Basket

More sewing accessories for Hitty. A tiny patchwork sewing pocket, strawberry emery or pincushion and a basket with wooden spools of thread.
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• Finished $78 Add to Cart


Hitty's Printed Cat

A perfect accessory for Hitty is this very tiny (1.5" tall) printed cloth cat taken from an antique unsewn cat by the Arnold Printworks Patented 1892. These printed cats and other animals and dolls were very popular for the home sewer who was to sew up and stuff these printed treasures for playthings long ago. GW has reworked the original artwork for this very easy kit or a delightful addition finished for your Hitty.

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• Finished $21.50 Add to Cart


Hitty's Winter Quilt - Hitty's Winter Quilt Kit (will fit the bed above or look well folded at the foot). A cotton prints version of a multi-colored silk quilt belonging to the Original Hitty made by the the paper piecing method to create many small hexes which are hand sewn together. All materials plus pre-printed freezer paper hexes are included to make the complete quilt.
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For a color picture of Hitty's Winter Quilt click on the submenu at the top of the page "About Hitty Books & Clubs" and scroll down in the photos section.

Hitty's Decorated Feather Tree ~ A tiny decorated feather tree and fence just Hitty's size. Real goose feather handmade trees (made for me) with my handpainted wooden ornaments on each of the 9 branches and including the wood bead garland (handpainted and hand strung), hand turned base, and my signature picket fence for it to sit inside of.

Finished Feather Tree $225 Sorry, no longer available

Click on image for photo.

Hitty's Trunk ~ One of the pieces from the story, a trunk for an adventurous miss is a necessity. Made in the style of real trunks of solid wood covered in cloth and trimmed (in this case) with faux leather bumper trims made of painted cloth. Real hinges and a working latch. 
Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 3
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• Finished $195 Add to Cart (Sorry, this item is never on sale)
Hitty's Tea Set (for 3) ~ A potter friend turns each piece on a wheel. Teapot with lid, sugar bowl and lid, creamer and three cups and saucers. Set $125 per set. Add to Cart

Sorry, due to the numbers of orders and the limited production, you may be placed on the waiting list for the next batch. If that happens I will let you know and change your Cart from $125 to a deposit of $35. We will let you know the wait time.
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