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You can find pictures of all of Hitty's things in the section called Hitty's Photo Gallery.

Hitty's Country Outfit
This outfit has a cloth bonnet, dress, apron all in assorted tiny prints that go together, plus a wooden hanger to display it on. The patterns are easily adapted to other fabrics and Hittys.
• Kit $46 Add to Cart
•Finished $68 Add to Cart
Hitty's Basics ~ Cape and Winter Bonnet, Nightgown and Nightcap
Hitty must have some basics, so here is her hooded cape in flannel with ribbon ties, a winter bonnet of flannel and decorated with feather stitching as well as a nightgown and nightcap both trimmed with delicate lace.
• Kit $46 Add to Cart
• Finished Nightgown & Nightcap Set $58 Add to Cart
• Finished Cape and Embroidered Winter Bonnet $68 Add to Cart

Note: In the photo gallery the picture of the Cape shows a tan cape, this fabric is now unavailable. The color is now dark blue.
Hitty Cape, Bonnet, Nightgown and Nightcap
Hitty's Best Dresses
Throughout Hitty, Her First Hundred Years, much attention was paid by Rachel Field and Dorothy Lathrop to Hitty's attire in each adventure. Perhaps this is because one of the charms of dolls is the notion of dressing them up. These two dresses are my designs based on some doll dresses from the 1800's, the time frame of Hitty's adventures.
• Kit $42
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• Finished Drop Waist Best Dress $58 Add to Cart
• Finished Pini over Dress Best Dress $68 Add to Cart
Hitty's Quaker Outfit ~ 2-Piece Dress, Fichu, Cap and Outing Straw Bonnet
In one of Hitty's many adventures, she finds herself adopted by Clarissa Pryce, a quiet Quaker child, who ably sews for Hitty some Quaker-style clothing. The straw bonnet typical of those worn by both Quaker and Shaker women of the times was inspired by an Izannah Walker doll found in her own Quaker outfit.
• Kit $46
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Finished Set $98 Add to Cart
Hitty Quaker Outfit

Hitty's Izannah Walker Outfit~ Dress and Printed Apron
If Hitty was about one hundred years old when Rachael Field and Dorothy Lathrop acquired her in the late 1920’s, then an Izannah Walker doll would have been a newcomer in Hitty’s world. Perhaps she would have admired the styles of dress often used on these most beloved of American cloth dolls. This is a Hitty size version complete with a pre-printed batiste apron adapted by GW.
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• Finished Set $68 Add to Cart
Hitty's Izannah Walker Apron Only (Printed Apron with patterns, instructions)
• Mini-Kit $18 Add to Cart

• Extra Apron Prints only - you must have the kit and instructions $12.50 Add to Cart
• Finished Aprons $24 Add to Cart

Hitty's Jane Austen Outfit
One can only imagine that Hitty would have loved the literary adventures written by Jane Austen. Elegant gowns and bonnets enhance the romantic stories that have enchanted readers for two centuries. This outfit has a high-waisted gown with period bonnet, petticoat and slim leg pantalets. Dress and bonnet trimmed with hand-dyed silk sashes. Bonnet is constructed of linen mesh with the high tilted back of the times. See photo by scrolling down the page.
• Kit $46 Add to Cart

• Finished Set $125 Add to Cart
Hitty's Winter Outfit
(Coat, Bonnet, Leggings & Muff)
For winter, Hitty was given a period collared coat with leggings, bonnet and muff to match in brown flannel with black trim.
• Kit $46 Add to Cart

• Finished Set $125 Add to Cart

NEW ~ Hitty's Annabelle Outfit
Inspired by Tasha Tudor's beloved book A is for Annabelle

A new outfit for Hitty. After doing my big (9") Annabelle doll (see below), I realized the outfit could be made in Hitty size. The outfit consists of her pink gingham dress, an underdress in fine batiste trimmed with imported lace, pantalets to match, topped with a bonnet and her folded hankie embroidered with "A" for Annabelle. Kits have all pre overdyed fabrics and laces with all other materials to make all the pieces listed above. And for those who like to buy Hitty's things all made, finished outfits are now available as well.
Annabelle Outfit Kit $46 Add to Cart Finished Complete 5 Piece Outfit $125 Add to Cart

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