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I do love small scale dolls best, and so I find myself going back to the scale I worked in for over 20 years almost exclusively. The 9" Hannah doll was the very first doll I named and appropriately, after my daughter. This doll to me says it all in a cloth doll. I have perfected a Columbian-style pattern as my favorite for ease of successful stuffing and simplified the style of construction while keeping the important details to keep the doll dear. She has a perfect small foot just right to either paint on shoes or not and stitched fingers on her tiny hands. Because of the painted-on hair, it was easy to add a boy and make this a set. Both dolls with their small folk cat come as a pattern which includes how to make the simple lace and with iron-on face transfers. Finished Dolls can be had as a set or singly (with cat).

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Early American Columbian Doll Style
Important note, previously this doll kit was going to be discontinued, but we have received so many orders and gone many batches beyond the "last kits we are going to make" that I have decided to keep this kit in production because it is such a good basic kit and one recommended as a good start up doll. However, at the end of 2023, we sold the real last kit due to the difficulty of maintaining a good dress fabric and trim.But because it is such a good kit and a great doll, I have made it a mini kit.

This is one of the best dolls I have ever designed. She makes up well, with ease, including stuffing, which is usually one of the hardest parts. She is very old-fashioned in her style and accessories. Made from a feedsack, an historical detail common to homemade cloth dolls, she has a charming face which is accomplished easily with an iron-on transfer and colored pencils applied to her painted cloth finish. Complete with leather shoes, striped legs and a dress made from my own fabric. Her hard-to-find vintage style batise and cotton lace underwear and bonnet, are overdyed with a special new technique included in the kit. She is 14" tall. NOTE: We are no longer able to provide the wonderful vintage feedsacking for this doll (the modern replacement is awful) and so the fabric provided is a suitable weave that acts the part with ease. The new Mini Kit has everything previously in the full kit, but you will have to provide dress (and its bias trim) fabrics plus stuffing.

Full Kits and Finished Dolls No longer available

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THE FEEDSACK SERIES DOLLS ~ Done with Colored Pencils and Easy Techniques.

This pattern will make two dolls, a 14" Doll with Red Shoes and 14" Black Sister. The charm of these dolls made like my Feedsack Doll (above) is the ease of doing their faces with colored pencils. Every student who has made these in my classes easily turned out a great doll. Even the stuffing is easier due to the style of head. Pattern comes with several iron-on faces that you fill in with colored pencils. (A complete set of colored pencils is available on the Supplies page or included in the kitted supplies).

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This is a long awaited painted cloth doll in one of my favorite pattern styles that produces a well rounded three-dimensional body if stuffed properly. The usual difficulties encountered with face painting are completely eliminated by the use of an iron-on transfer followed by the use of colored pencils, all of this on a pre-painted skin surface. The mohair fiber hairstyle has two options, one a simple rolled style and the other, preferred for its charm, is making a snood which holds all her hair with almost no styling. Complete instructions for making either a simple netting snood or a hand crocheted one are included. Her outfit consists of a typical two-piece jacket and skirt of the Fashion Doll Era with the skirt having the bustle look in back with a longer trailing skirt, and basic undies, the whole ensemble topped off with a simple constructed bonnet that nicely frames her face with instructions for a cloth-covered hatbox.

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Kits and Finished Dolls No longer available

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Oil-Painted 14" Cloth Dolls

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EMMA~ Began as a 14" oil painted limited edtion doll, dressed in vintage fabrics from my collection and sitting in her painted and antiqued pouting chair complete with her cloth-bound diary with real entries from her life in the mid 1800's. She is now available alone (not limited edition) in reproduction fabrics.

Another 14" Oil Painted Cloth Doll. Next to my Disney doll, I would have to say that when out in public with all my other dolls, Charlotte steals the most hearts. She begins with a traditional pattern style called "the baseball head" (due to the construction being similar to how a baseball cover is sewn). This style creates one of the best true-to-human head shapes there is using cloth and just a couple of pattern pieces. Charlotte comes with her bonnet, simple farmgirl dress, undies trimmed with handmade lace , stockings, and leather shoes. She is completely stuffed with real wool and has a nice weight to hold in your hand.

Patterns for Emma: Patterns for the Emma doll and outfit plus oil painting instructions. $18 Add to Cart

Patterns for Charlotte: Patterns for the Charlotte doll and outfit with oil painting instructions. $18 Add to Cart

CD for Emma and Charlotte Together: So much more detail than can be given in a printed pattern. Closeup photos and many other helpful visuals so that you can achieve best results. This has all the necessary printable patterns and lessons for both dolls. $18 (new lower price) Add to Cart

Finished Dolls No longer available

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