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Oil-Painted 14" Cloth Dolls

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EMMA ~ Began as a 14" oil painted limited edtion doll, dressed in vintage fabrics from my collection and sitting in her painted and antiqued pouting chair complete with her cloth-bound diary with real entries from her life in the mid 1800's. She is now available alone (not limited edition) in reproduction fabrics.

Another 14" Oil Painted Cloth Doll. Next to my Disney doll, I would have to say that when out in public with all my other dolls, Charlotte steals the most hearts. She begins with a traditional pattern style called "the baseball head" (due to the construction being similar to how a baseball cover is sewn). This style creates one of the best true-to-human head shapes there is using cloth and just a couple of pattern pieces. Charlotte comes with her bonnet, simple farmgirl dress, undies trimmed with handmade lace , stockings, and leather shoes. She is completely stuffed with real wool and has a nice weight to hold in your hand.

Patterns for Emma: Patterns for the Emma doll and outfit plus oil painting instructions. $18 Add to Cart

Patterns for Charlotte:Patterns for the Charlotte doll and outfit with oil painting instructions. $18 Add to Cart
CD for Emma and Charlotte Together: So much more detail than can be given in a printed pattern. Closeup photos and many other helpful visuals so that you can achieve best results. This has all the necessary printable patterns and lessons for both dolls. $18 (new lower price) Add to Cart

Finished Dolls no longer available.

11" COLUMBIAN DOLL PATTERN (Small size doll)
Some years ago, the Wenham Museum asked me to do a small kit series of the Miss Columbia doll who lives in their wonderful collection of historical dolls. This doll, originally a painted cloth 19" tall doll, is probably the most famous of the many dolls made by the Adams sisters in the late 1800's, having traveled led the world raising money for children's charities in 1900. The doll on her tour raised a remarkable amount of money for the times and everywhere she went, accompanied by her trunk, diary, coat and bonnet, she was given gifts by the children she visited. Many of the gifts still live in the museum with the doll and her things. The original dolls and kits that I did were in a 14" size which have been brought back as a pattern set. This is a pattern for an 11" version of the same doll. The extensive pattern for the sweet 11" size contains patterns and instructions for a girl with bonnet, boy, black versions, other clothes including small sized coat and bonnet. $18.00 Add to Cart
For PDF version sent by email $18 Add to Cart

Illustrations below for the larger original doll show dolls and additional outfits that this pattern will make plus a black doll version. Trunk and Diary not included in this size.


This series of kits has been brought back and made into a complete set of patterns including all of the items below (5 former kits) with a face stencil and printouts of the trunk and diary labels included. $36 Add to Cart
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