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MY PAINTING SERVICE  ~ I will now prepaint any molded doll (and hair if applicable). If the doll also has molded hands and feet, these will be painted as well. Style of painting must be consistent with my presentation of the doll (no custom requests).  Prices vary depending on the doll involved and its complexity, but average from $45 - 65 and does not include cost of parts which are purchased separately or are already in a kit you are purchasing. If you add this item to your cart, we will email you with a confirmation of actual price depending on the doll parts or kit that this applies to. Add to Cart Or, you may call us with inquiries.
Note: Stuffed dolls cannot be accomodated due to the wide variance in other people's stuffing.

This doll was one of my online classes and this offer is of a boxed kit with molded papier mache parts, paints and other finishing supplies, body and undies fabrics and lace, wool stuffing plus, many detailed pages of instructions from the class, gift tag and all patterns. You supply her dress material(s) and trimming. Instructions for piercing her ears is included or you can order this step done for you. Note, she becomes simply a nice doll of the early 1800's if you sand off her comb.

Tuck Comb Boxed Kit - $138.00 Add to Cart
Optional special wood stand $24 Add to Cart
Tuck Comb Extra Molded Parts $78 Add to Cart
Prepainting of the Molded Parts by GW. Add $78 Add to Cart
Pre-pierced ears and findings to make your own earrings. $3 Add to Cart

Sorry, no finished dolls available at this time.

A Fun Tip: I want to share with you a title of a new book (thank you, Mimi), Conversations with Mademoiselle ZoZo (Amazon). Story of a 200 year old Grodnertal Peg Wooden (a Tuck Comb) including information about fashions of the era. I just ordered it myself, but it would be a nice accompaniment to my Tuck Comb Doll Kit.



Tuck Comb Doll by Gail Wilson

The Jane Austen Inspired Doll

The Jane Austen 11" Doll with Period dress and Bonnet


The 11" papier mache doll comes with all parts and supplies to make her, the period straw bonnet and her outfit.
Doll Kit Only $138 Add to Cart
Set of Extra Molded Parts $78 Add to Cart
Prepainting of the Molded Parts by GW - add $78 Add to Cart

The accessory kits for her "Complete Jane Austen" cloth-bound book with descriptions of all her published works and her special fabric covered box stand (with a wire leg holder) are sold separately.
Jane's Own Book Kit $9.50
Jane's Cloth Covered Stand Kit $18.00
Sorry, these 2 accessory kits are now discontinued.

Finished Jane Austen on Special Embroidered Stand with Book
(as shown in picture above) $975 Available by special order - please email Gail

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