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Papier Mache Doll 1858 by Gail Wilson
This 9" doll is Louisa and this is her story . . .
“It is 1858 and I have just received my first
store-bought doll.”

Louisa - Edition #4

MY NEW DOLLS - My entire career of 35 years began with a small 8" doll hand press molded in primitive molds I made before I knew anything about dolls or moldmaking. I made thousands of these dolls and stopped forever their production in about 1995 with the idea that someday I would make another doll like them but in molded papier mache. This doll is the first of these dolls.

The theme of this first edtion is sort of snap shots in history. Every edition will be extremely limited - this one in this fabric is limited to 10. All signed and numbered with story tags. Dolls have such details as hand crocheted lace and snoods, real leather shoes and perfectly tailored outfits and accessories. They represent all that I have learned in my 35 years of dollmaking.

LOUISA LTD ED SET (two dolls and chair - edition of 24)
Louisa - A 9” papier mache doll with her new Greiner doll, a papier mache doll made in this time period by German immigrant, Ludwig Greiner. These were some of the first American made dolls available commercially. Small Greiner has papier mache head and shoulderplate on a tiny painted cloth body with red stockings and even thumbs on her tiny leather-like hands. Louisa has English mohair wig with hand crocheted snood, hand crocheted lace color and other laces, high buttoned leather shoes and silk stockings.

JAN 2019

No other doll has received so many requests long after two runs have sold out. Recently I came upon enough of the brown fabric hidden in a box to do another edition of 12. All will be same except improvement in body construction and better leather shoes.










This doll was made for a show of the work of the master craftsmen who are jurors for the League of NH Craftsmen to commemorate their new headquarters. The entries were supposed to be representative of our best work over the years. I chose to do a larger version of my 9" Louisa Doll which is 12" standing, who is a doll of a child in the late 1800's. Like Louisa in every way except for size and color scheme, she has papier mache molded parts, a mohair wig with a hand crocheted snood of silk thread, hand crocheted laces (on both dolls) and her tiny collar. She wears leather high button shoes, has her own Greiner doll with papier mache head and shoulderplate on a tiny painted cloth body with red stockings and even thumbs on her tiny leather-like hands. Both are sitting in my ladderback chair made for her with a split ash woven seat. A limited edition of 12. $750. THIS EDITION IS SOLD OUT.

This 9" doll was made exclusively for the 2016 UFDC Convention held in Washington DC - an edition of 110 and included her illustrated book explaining my interpretation of the theme of the convention, Kindred Spirits (read the insides of the book on my Hints page). She is sold out but due to requests, I will be doing a similar doll soon.

ELIZABETH ~ This long awaited follow-up to the Louisa Doll has now been completed. Elizabeth is a 9" Papier Mache Doll dressed in Kate Greenaway era clothes and holding her own small peg wooden doll of the times. She and her tiny doll both wear straw bonnets and the set comes with a wood stand. All clothiing and trims of both dolls is of extra fine batiste hand dyed here and includeds undies and Elizabeth wears rose colored leather shoes with silk bows. A Limited Edition of 25. $695



Another 9" papier mache doll from my favorite mold. This doll was a very small and special edition made after I saw this picture of an antique doll somewhere in my Pinterest wanderings and I knew she was the seedling of a Christmas Doll.

When I was growing up as the older of my sister sibling, I had long brown hair and my sister had blonde. For some reason this made it the rule that I always got outfits in the red family and my fair sister got blues. Many years ago (in my porcelain doll days), I used to do a Christmas Doll every year and it still seems like the thing to do again, but until I had a new doll style that worked for me, it never felt right. Using the basic doll used for Louisa, the UFDC Kindred Spirits Doll, and Elizabeth I do now have the right doll. This first Christmas Doll 2016 will look much like my antique inspiration and will come holding her tiny Christmas Doll. Her dress is of the same perfect red as the antique in silk (which is specially hand dyed here for just the right red) with red leather shoes and she will come on a wood stand. ALL SOLD


Announcing a 9" papier mache doll inspired by "A is for Annabelle" by Tasha Tudor. This is only a finished doll (sorry, no kit available) in a limited edition. Doll parts from the same mold as Louisa, the UFDC Kindred Spirits, Elizabeth and the Christmas Girl. In fact, my Annabelle actually was born from the blending together of having recently completed the Elizabeth doll above and wanting a doll for a Tasha Tudor workshop, so you can see for yourself that it was an easy next step. Most of my customers are very familiar with the wonderful works of Tasha Tudor and indeed I have been inspired by her images since I first saw them in 1980. My Annabelle version will be recognized from the cover of the alphabet book shown below. She will have a blonde mohair wig with a handcrocheted snood (hard to see in the picture), wearing a bonnet with lace ruffle trim, a pink gingham dress in the late 1800's style with full petticoat and pantalets and pink leather slippers. The doll will come with a wooden stand and a lace trimmed handkerchief with the letter A embroidered as her accessory.


ALSO CHECK OUT the tiny Annabelle (3.5" tall) available in Tiny Dolls.

SUSANNA - The latest 9" molded papier mache doll from the Louisa mold. She won the coveted chunk of fabric I had found and saved years ago for a special doll and finally agreed to let her have it. Susanna has many features of Louisa including a mohair wig worn with one of my hand-crocheted snoods, with her coatdress styled with a hand-crocheted collar. She carries a strawberry emery and a printed cat as a spot of color and wears leather high button shoes. Since she looks best standing, she will come with a wooden stand.
Susanna is a limited edition (24). $695 Add to Cart

2020 UFDC CONVENTION DOLL ~ 1950's GW 9" Doll

This particular doll is a huge exception to my usual style due to the time period she represents. The theme of this year's convention was The Fabulous 50's and I prefer styles farther back in time, but realizing I was born in 1950, I felt I wanted to do a self portrait of myself in 1956, first grade. I indeed had long brown braids and a dress very similar to the one on this doll sporting a large bow in back, a full petticoat underneath and real leather mary jane shoes. For accessories she has a tiny Dick and Jane Reader (the books generations learned to read from) and a tiny Ginny paperdoll (outfits are in the envelope with tiny scissors as if she were about to play). It was fitting to give her the Ginny since my own Ginny dolls and all their accessories were the actual inspiration for beginning my doll making career. There was something special about the size and most of my dolls over my long career have been sized accordingly.

NOTE: Both the Ginny Doll Paperdolls and the Dick and Jane Reader books are available as separate doll accessories in the menu item Other Items/Doll Accessories and Other Toys.

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