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12" FASHION DOLL (Molded Papier Mache Version)
This is a detailed kit to make a 12" doll with papier mache molded parts joined to a shaped cloth body. Kit comes with all that you need for the basic doll, with mohair wig and undies and shoes. Instructions for making a simple snood and materials are included or hand crocheted snoods are available and recommended. Finished dolls come with hand crocheted snoods, undies, leather shoes and stockings. Outfits sold separately finished or as patterns along with dress forms in kit or finished for display. Outfits include: the two-piece walking dress, the day dress (shown), two bonnets with hatboxes, and a winter outfit pattern.

Fashion Doll Illustration

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The doll and all finished Items for her are no longer available.

Molded Fashion Doll Basic Kit $125 Add to Cart
(New offer includes the 4 outfit and bonnet patterns below)

Prepainting of Molded Parts by GW plus pre-made wig cap. Add $65. Add to Cart
Extra Molded Parts $65. Add to Cart

Patterns for Outfits and Bonnets:
Pattern for 2-Pc Walking Dress
$9.50 Add to Cart
Pattern for Day Dress (in illustration) $9.50 Add to Cart
Pattern for Winter Outfit with bonnet and muff $12.00 Add to Cart
Pattern for 2 Bonnets and Hatboxes $12.00 Add to Cart
SPECIAL - Get all four above patterns $34 Add to Cart

This doll is best with a special stand for her. This is a wooden stand that comes finished and all stained and polished. $24 Add to Cart


This doll used to live here, but she has moved to her own page under Dolls by Type where you can read in more detail about her. There are molds to cast your own parts (make one or lots), already molded parts to start right in on, and instructions and patterns to make the cloth body and many choices of clothing.

Click on image for picture

Gift Set (pictured with outfit, cloth covered box and her tiny book in illustration) $325 - No longer available

THE COMPANION DOLL - This doll was created to be a companion to the Basic Doll who is all cloth. She is proportioned the same as the Basic Doll and so clothes will be interchangeable (only bonnets need some adjusting due to difference of head styles). The molded head, hands and feet are cast in papier mache which are easily painted (stencil to help get the features right) and assembled with her cloth body. She comes with materials to make her underwear - ribbon-trimmed camisole and pantalets and patterns for her outfit.

Kit for Companion Doll $84 Add to Cart
Extra Molded Parts for Companion Doll are no longer available.

Finished Companion Doll in Undies $195
No longer available
Other Outfits for this doll and her companion, the Basic Doll, can be seen in the Cloth Doll section.

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